February 18, 2024
Three arrested in Jammu Airport with Fake Aadhaar Cards
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Three arrested in Jammu Airport with Fake Aadhaar Cards

Three arrested in Jammu Airport with Fake Aadhaar Cards.image/KL

Three arrested in Jammu Airport with Fake Aadhaar Cards

The Jammu and Kashmir Police recently apprehended three individuals, including a woman, who were caught attempting to board a flight from Jammu Airport using counterfeit Aadhaar cards.

According to official reports, two of the suspects originate from Gurdaspur district in Punjab, while the third is from the Kathua district of Jammu. The trio attempted to board a Jammu to Leh flight by presenting fake Aadhaar cards. Although two of them successfully cleared the security check, the third person was apprehended. Investigation revealed that he had fabricated an Aadhaar card using the name on the ticket but failed to notice that the ticket belonged to a minor. This discrepancy raised suspicion, leading to his immediate detention by airport security.

Further inquiry exposed that the other two individuals, identified as Jeena, Charanjit Singh, and Kuldeep Kumar, had also passed security checks using fake Aadhaar cards. All three suspects, who are employed in Leh, have been arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir Police. A case has been registered under FIR no. 29 at Satwari Police Station in Jammu, citing Sections 419, 420, 467, and 468. The investigation is currently underway.

It was revealed that the tickets were originally booked by a Leh-based businessman for his family but were sold to the trio at significantly reduced rates. The tickets, originally valued at 15-20 thousand each, were sold for four thousand each. In an attempt to cut costs, the individuals resorted to creating counterfeit Aadhaar cards for their travel.

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