December 10, 2023
Correction Policy

Correction Policy

Correction Policy For VoM News

VoM News: Our Commitment to Transparency and Error Acknowledgment

In the world of journalism, even with meticulous attention to detail, errors can occasionally slip through the cracks. At VoM News – Voice of Masses, we believe in acknowledging our mistakes and taking swift action when we become aware of them. Our dedicated web team is committed to rectifying errors promptly and with the utmost transparency.

Swift Error Rectification: How VoM News Maintains Editorial Integrity

For straightforward corrections, we aim to have them marked within 24 hours of identification. However, in cases where the correction necessitates further investigation or reaching out to individuals for their responses, the process may extend to a maximum of 72 hours. We highly value feedback from our readers, which can be shared in the comments section at the end of each story, video, or post. Additionally, you can request a correction or provide updates on a story through this link Or Email Your Query here:

VoM News’ Correction Process: Upholding Journalism’s Highest Standards

VoM’s web team also actively monitors our substantial presence on social media platforms, welcoming feedback and constructive criticism from our audience. In the event of a substantial correction or a material change that alters the context or substance of a news story, we ensure it is prominently labeled as a “Correction” at the top of the article.

We provide clear information regarding the change and the reasons behind it, offering a transparent record of every correction. If new facts emerge after a story’s publication that add significant layers or perspectives without changing the core content, we label it as an “Update” at the end of the article. Please note that typographical errors, misspellings, grammatical mistakes, or minor changes deemed insignificant by our editors are typically not individually noted as corrections. Our commitment is to maintain accuracy, transparency, and the highest standards of journalism in all our reporting. If visitor want to contact us, feel comfortable to have a word with VoM Team.