Fact Checking Policy

The first & foremost thing VoM News ensure that every post, each stuff/content posted here be concrete, derived from reliable source and Journalistic wisdom. VoM News Have revealed guidelines regarding the reporting to entitled reporters.

As our privacy policy & Correction Policy have been revealed, we have enabled the fact Checking mechanism to enhance the accuracy, transparency and realistic ethical journalism.

VoM News ensure that journalist/reporters/writers entitled with tasks must report, write, and fact-check the news/information/stories before publishing the story.

If anyone has issue regarding our content, should consult us through email or section, we will verify the details independently after reaching to concerned parties and to achieve accurate results. If a content get proven, we take down it under Correction Policy in 24-48 hours.

The fact Checking Policy as revealed has two purposes:

Firstly, Issues related to content posted here on VoM News. For that, VoM News has recently developed a mechanism too….i.e. VoM Grievance Cell.

Secondly, VoM News can fact check the content itself, monitor the social media and can do the best.

For further queries, pick the glass and submit your query on our email id: info@vomnews.in