December 10, 2023
Sachin Pilot’s Re-Election Bid in Tonk Amidst BJP’s Hindutva Push

Sachin Pilot’s Re-Election Bid in Tonk Amidst BJP’s Hindutva Push

Sachin Pilot's Re-Election Bid in Tonk Amidst BJP's Hindutva Push

Sachin Pilot’s Re-Election Bid in Tonk Amidst BJP’s Hindutva Push

Sachin Pilot’s Re-Election Bid in Tonk Amidst BJP’s Hindutva Push

Sachin Pilot, former Rajasthan deputy chief minister and a prominent Congress leader, is making a strong re-election bid from Tonk constituency. His campaign, focusing on outreach to influential communities, comes amid the BJP’s emphasis on Hindutva and a narrative of “local versus outsider.”

Local vs Outsider Narrative in Tonk

BJP’s Ajit Singh Mehta, competing against Pilot, frames the election as a battle between a local and an outsider, emphasizing his Tonk residency and understanding of local issues. Mehta contends that Pilot, who won significantly in the previous election, benefited from being the chief ministerial face, an advantage he lacks this time.

Pilot’s Core Support Remains Unfettered

Despite not becoming the chief minister or being declared the chief ministerial candidate this election, Pilot’s core supporters remain steadfast. Local residents, like Mohammad Rizwan Ali, view Pilot as a future leader and a significant national figure. Pilot’s presence has brought national attention to the Tonk constituency.

BJP’s Strategy and Statements

The BJP is working to consolidate the Hindu vote and other communities beyond Gurjars, countering what they perceive as Congress’ appeasement politics. BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri’s recent comments alluded to external scrutiny of the elections, adding a nationalistic dimension to the local campaign.

Pilot’s Confidence and Vision for Development

Pilot expresses confidence in his re-election, citing the development work achieved in the last five years and his efforts to unite various communities. He anticipates that the Congress will perform well, not just in his constituency but across the district, aiming to improve upon the last election’s results.

Community Support and Political Dynamics

While several Muslim Congress rebels initially filed nominations against Pilot, they later withdrew, consolidating support around him. Local shop owners, like Allimuddin Khan, acknowledge Pilot’s direct outreach, which has alleviated their concerns. Moreover, BSP candidate Ashok Bairwa has extended support to Pilot, indicating a broadening base.

Mixed Opinions Among Locals

Local residents hold varied opinions about Pilot’s prospects. While some, like Sanjay Dikshit and Kailash Bhagwani, acknowledge the challenge posed by a local BJP candidate, others like Shivshankar Upadhyay remain confident of Pilot’s victory. The communal harmony attributed to Pilot’s leadership is also a key factor for some voters.

Demographic and Electoral Context

Tonk, with over 2.46 lakh voters, has substantial Muslim, Gurjar, and Scheduled Caste populations. The outcome of this closely watched contest in the Rajasthan elections, scheduled for November 25 with results on December 3, remains a subject of keen interest.

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