PM Initiates Rangpo’s First Railway-Station

PM Initiates Rangpo's First Railway-Station
PM Initiates Rangpo's First Railway-Station
PM Initiates Rangpo's First Railway-Station
PM Initiates Rangpo's First Railway-Station

PM Initiates Rangpo’s First Railway-Station

PM Initiates Rangpo’s First Railway-Station….image/ndtv

PM Initiates Rangpo’s First Railway-Station

In a momentous occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked a significant milestone by laying the foundation stone for Sikkim‘s inaugural railway station at Rangpo. This event unfolded as part of a grand unveiling that encompassed over 2,000 railway infrastructure projects valued at a staggering ₹41,000 crore. The Rangpo railway station is poised to become a symbol of cultural richness, drawing inspiration from the heritage and architecture that define the essence of Sikkim.

PM Initiates Rangpo’s First Railway-Station:Cultural Synthesis in Architecture: A Glimpse into Rangpo Railway Station Design

During his address through a video conference, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the distinctive design of the Rangpo railway station, reflecting the deep-rooted culture and heritage of Sikkim. The fusion of architectural elements with cultural significance is expected to set this railway station apart, offering not just a mode of transportation but an embodiment of the region’s identity.

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Sikkim Governor Lakshman Prasad Acharya, present at the Khanikola function, hailed the event as a “historic and proud moment for Sikkim.” He underscored the station’s relevance in the broader context of ‘Viksit Bharat@2047’ and its potential to catalyze tourism by providing faster and more convenient travel options. Acharya also highlighted the railway’s role as a boon during the monsoon season, addressing disruptions faced by NH-10.

PM Initiates Rangpo’s First Railway-Station:Enhanced Connectivity: Rangpo Station and the Sikkim Rail Line Project

The Rangpo railway station is an integral component of the ongoing construction of a 45-km rail line connecting Sevoke near Siliguri in West Bengal to Rangpo in Sikkim. Encompassing 14 tunnels and 22 bridges, this ambitious project under the Northeast Frontier Railway is designed to handle 25-ton capacity trains, with a maximum speed of 110 kmph. The introduction of three additional stations—Riyang, Teesta, and Melli—in West Bengal further augments the connectivity in the region.

PM Initiates Rangpo’s First Railway-Station:Project Timeline and Cost: Overcoming Challenges for a December 2024 Deadline

Awarded to IRCON International in May 2010 at an initial cost of ₹4,084.69 crore, the Sevoke-Rangpo rail line project faced challenges leading to a revised deadline of December 2024. Despite the hurdles, officials remain committed to the vision, with a revised cost of ₹12,474.07 crore. This underscores the perseverance and determination invested in realizing this transformative railway infrastructure, poised to reshape Sikkim’s connectivity and contribute to the nation’s progress.

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