February 18, 2024
Mizoram and Assam Jointly Tackle Long-Standing Border Dispute
Mizoram Assam

Mizoram and Assam Jointly Tackle Long-Standing Border Dispute

Mizoram and Assam Jointly Tackle Long-Standing Border Dispute

Mizoram and Assam Jointly Tackle Long-Standing Border Dispute

In a significant development, Mizoram and Assam have taken a step towards resolving their long-pending inter-state border dispute. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma extended an invitation to Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma for discussions in Guwahati. During their meeting, both leaders expressed a commitment to work collectively towards finding a resolution to the border issue that has persisted for years.

Peaceful Borders Amidst Ongoing Talks

A crucial outcome of the discussions was the mutual agreement to maintain peace along the borders while the two northeastern states engage in talks to address the underlying issues. This decision aims to create a conducive environment for fruitful discussions and reflects a joint commitment to regional stability.

Forward Steps in Diplomacy: Upcoming Ministerial Visit

Chief Minister Sarma assured Chief Minister Lalduhoma that, after the ongoing budget session of the Assam assembly concludes, he will dispatch the minister in charge of the border to Mizoram. This diplomatic move indicates a willingness to engage in comprehensive talks and underscores the importance both states place on finding an amicable solution.

Roots of the Dispute: Historical Perspectives

The border dispute traces its origins back to historical colonial demarcations, creating complexities in defining the territorial boundaries. Mizoram claims a specific area within the inner line reserved forest, notified in 1875, as falling within its territory. In contrast, Assam adheres to the constitutional boundary outlined in a 1933 Survey of India map. The lack of ground demarcation has added layers of complexity to the situation.

The violent turn of events in July 2021, marked by an exchange of fire between police forces, heightened tensions. The unfortunate incident resulted in casualties, underscoring the urgency for a diplomatic resolution. As both states now embark on joint efforts to address this long-standing dispute, there is optimism for a peaceful and collaborative resolution to benefit the entire region.

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