February 18, 2024
LG-Sinha Assesses Development and Security Situation in Jammu Division
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LG-Sinha Assesses Development and Security Situation in Jammu Division

LG-Sinha Assesses Development and Security Situation in Jammu Division.image/Jammu link news

LG-Sinha Assesses Development and Security Situation in Jammu Division

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha led a session today, bringing together high-ranking officials, Deputy Commissioners, and SSPs to address a range of issues related to development and security in the Jammu Division.

During the meeting, there was a strong emphasis on the necessity of formulating a comprehensive strategy to combat drug smuggling, targeting both the perpetrators and identified hotspots, along with addressing cross-border smuggling concerns.

Lt Governor Sinha also reviewed the progress of key infrastructure projects and assessed the measures implemented by District Administrations to support industries. Discussions also covered the saturation of government schemes, the implementation status of the Holistic Agriculture Development Programme, and initiatives to boost tourism.

In his directives, the Lt Governor urged district administrations to ensure the full implementation of schemes in border villages and to actively engage the youth in Panchayats with self-employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Additionally, Lt Governor Sinha instructed officials to prepare regular outcome reports for events such as Block Diwas, Thana Diwas, and other Jan-Abhiyan programs. He stressed that the administration’s top priorities should be the efficient resolution of grievances and the effective delivery of public services at all levels.

The meeting boasted attendance from key figures such as Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, Advisor to Lt Governor; Atal Dulloo, Chief Secretary; R K Goyal, Additional Chief Secretary, Home Department; R R Swain, DGP, along with other senior officers, Administrative Secretaries, DIGs, Deputy Commissioners, and SSPs.

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