Jaishankar Asserts India’s Global Presence

Jaishankar Asserts India's Global Presence
Jaishankar Asserts India's Global Presence
Jaishankar Asserts India's Global Presence
Jaishankar Asserts India's Global Presence

Jaishankar Asserts India’s Global Presence

Jaishankar Asserts India’s Global Presence….(file image)

Jaishankar Asserts India’s Global Presence
Jaishankar Asserts India’s Global Presence:India’s Assertiveness in Global Affairs

Weighing in on the changing global perceptions of India, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar highlighted the country’s newfound assertiveness on the world stage. He emphasized that India now stands firm in seeking its own solutions, defending its interests, and asserting its presence globally. Speaking at the ET Awards 2023, where he was honored as the ‘Reformer of the Year’, Jaishankar expressed pride in representing this transformed India abroad.

Jaishankar noted that India has significantly impacted the world consciousness in recent years. The minister cited India’s response to challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic, where it not only managed its domestic crisis but also extended support to 100 nations through initiatives like ‘Vaccine Maitri’. This global outreach showcased India’s willingness to contribute positively to international affairs despite facing internal challenges.

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Highlighting India’s global outreach efforts, Jaishankar pointed out initiatives like ‘Operation Ganga’, ‘Kaveri’, ‘Ajay’, and the ‘Vande Bharat’ mission, which demonstrated India’s commitment to its citizens abroad. Moreover, he acknowledged the achievements of Indian businesses in overseas projects and the significant growth in exports, showcasing India’s expanding global footprint.

Jaishankar Asserts India’s Global Presence:India’s Economic Ascendancy

Addressing the burgeoning Indian economy, Jaishankar underscored its resilience amidst global challenges, with a growth rate of 8 percent despite adverse conditions. He highlighted India’s climb from being the 11th to the fifth-largest economy globally and expressed optimism about India’s imminent rise to the third position.

Jaishankar also recognized the ongoing global challenges, including conflicts in regions like Ukraine and Gaza and maritime concerns in the Red Sea. Despite these challenges, he emphasized the abundance of opportunities globally, including in the realms of trade, technology, and manufacturing.

Earlier, on March 7, Jaishankar revealed India’s strategic connectivity initiatives during the Raisina Roundtable organized by the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in Tokyo. He outlined major corridors India is developing, such as the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) and the international north-south transport corridor. Additionally, Jaishankar highlighted India’s efforts towards enhancing connectivity in Southeast Asia and the Chennai-Vladivostok route, which will facilitate connectivity from the Atlantic to the Pacific through Asia.

India’s proactive stance in enhancing connectivity underscores its commitment to fostering regional integration and leveraging its geopolitical position to strengthen its influence on the global stage.

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