February 18, 2024
Instagram and Threads to Restrict Recommendation

Instagram and Threads to Restrict Recommendation of Political Content

Instagram and Threads to Restrict Recommendation of Political Content

Instagram and Threads to Restrict Recommendation of Political Content

Instagram has announced a change in its recommendation algorithm, stating that it will no longer “proactively recommend” political content from accounts that users do not already follow.

This policy applies to both Instagram and Threads, a Twitter-like app under the Instagram brand. The move is part of Meta’s efforts to provide a more personalized and positive user experience. Users who still want to see political content recommendations can opt to do so through a new setting.

Meta has been deprioritizing political content across its social apps, responding to user feedback expressing a desire to see less political content on their feeds.

User Control Over Political Content Recommendations

Instagram and Threads will introduce a setting allowing users to opt-in to political content recommendations if they wish to see such content.

The same control will be implemented on Facebook at a later date. This user-centric approach aims to strike a balance, allowing individuals to choose whether or not they want political content recommendations while respecting each user’s preferences.

Definition of “Political Content”

Instagram defines “political content” as content potentially related to laws, elections, or social topics. The company’s goal is to give users the freedom to interact with political content if they choose to do so while also respecting users who prefer not to see such recommendations.

Deprioritization of Political Content Across Meta’s Platforms

Meta has been refining its approach to reduce the visibility of political content on its platforms, responding to user feedback that indicates a desire for a more balanced content experience.

This adjustment is reflected in Meta’s efforts across Facebook and Instagram to minimize the presence of political content in various sections, including Feed, Reels, Watch, Groups, and Pages.

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