How to pick a sofa that will last for years

How to pick a sofa that will last for years
How to pick a sofa that will last for years/Unsplash
How to pick a sofa that will last for years
How to pick a sofa that will last for years/Unsplash

How to pick a sofa that will last for years

How to pick a sofa that will last for years

How to pick a sofa that will last for years

Sofa Shopping 101: Expert Advice To Pick A Couch You’ll Love For Years

All the factors to consider while choosing this centerpiece of your living room

The sofa; it’s not just a piece of furniture. It’s the ultimate chill zone, the hub for hosting, the center of family hangouts, and even a makeshift office space. Your sofa tells a story about your style and your lifestyle – so how do you choose one?

Daniel Ufland, the co-founder of Flitch, gives his top tips to snag the sofa of your dreams.


When choosing a sofa, consider its practicality first and foremost. Will it accommodate family movie nights and provide a comfortable workspace? Do you need space for your furry friend to join you, or do you plan to entertain guests frequently? Maybe you enjoy a quick nap on the couch during the day? Your answers to these questions will dictate the size and material that best suits your needs.

‘A sofa is first and foremost a functional piece in the home,’ says Daniel. ‘Aesthetic concerns are important, but if the sofa doesn’t match what you’ll actually use it for, it’s better to think long-term and make the functional choice. Many other additions, such as pillows and other pieces of furniture, can help make up the aesthetic you want for your living room.’


The most important part of your sofa is the part that you can’t see at all. The frame is where the quality of a sofa shines (or doesn’t). It might be best to invest in this piece of furniture you’ll use every day for years and find other ways to pinch pennies. Particle board or fiberboard may be cheaper, but they break and wear down easier than materials like metal or hardwood. 

‘With it constantly bearing weight, the bones of a sofa are essential,’ says Daniel. ‘Really investigate not only the frame’s material but also the joinings to ensure they’re tip-top quality.’


Don’t overlook the importance of selecting the right cushions during your sofa-shopping process. Over time, cushions can wear out and lose their support, so it’s crucial to consider the materials they’re made from. Foam cushions come in different densities, offering varying levels of firmness and durability. If you prefer a softer, more luxurious feel, down or feather fillings may be the way to go. Polyester is an excellent, cost-effective option that can still last a long time with proper care.

‘This is a harder decision to make while online shopping, as it has much to do with the feel,’ says Daniel. ‘Go to a showroom to try them out if you can, or simply ask friends and family whose sofas you like what material they’re made from.’ 


Fabric is often the star of a sofa, but remember that while it may be the most visually appealing aspect, it’s actually one of the least critical factors. ‘The great thing about fabric is that it can be changed by reupholstering or using fitted slipcovers, allowing you to update your sofa’s style over time,’ notes Daniel.

That being said, think about functionality as well as fashion. If you have pets at home, leather or faux leather can be a practical choice, especially for animals that shed frequently, as fur won’t cling to these materials. Microfiber is another durable option that is resistant to stains. Additionally, sofas with canvas slipcovers can offer versatility and easy maintenance.


When selecting the size of your sofa, it’s crucial to find the right fit for your space and family dynamics. A large sectional sofa can be ideal for filling a spacious living room and accommodating all your loved ones, including family, friends, and pets. However, if you live in a smaller apartment, there are still plenty of options available that can provide ample seating without overwhelming the space. 

If you frequently host guests or have overnight visitors, consider a sofa with a pull-out bed option to maximize functionality. Ultimately, whether you’re furnishing a grand living room or a cozy apartment, prioritize finding a sofa size that balances comfort and practicality and fits your lifestyle.‘Pro tip: make sure the sofa you choose will actually fit through the stairwell or doors to your home!’ says Daniel. ‘You don’t want to be stuck reenacting that famous ‘sofa stuck in the stairwell’ scene from Friends!’

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