February 18, 2024
BSF Retrieves China-Made Drone in Punjab's Amritsar
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BSF Retrieves China-Made Drone in Punjab’s Amritsar

BSF Retrieves China-Made Drone in Punjab’s Amritsar/BSFPunjab

BSF Retrieves China-Made Drone in Punjab’s Amritsar

The Border Security Force (BSF) announced the recovery of a China-made drone from a farming field in Roranwala Khurd village, Amritsar, Punjab. The drone was discovered during a routine patrol by BSF troops on January 26, 2024.

Suspicious Item Unveiled during Area Domination Patrol

The BSF troops noticed a suspicious item during their morning area domination patrolling ahead of the border fence. Upon closer inspection, the item revealed itself to be a small drone. The timely and efficient action of BSF troops led to the successful recovery of the quadcopter.

Repeat Incident Raises Concerns

This incident follows a similar occurrence earlier this month when the BSF, in collaboration with Punjab Police, recovered another made-in-China drone from a field near Bharopal village in Amritsar. The recurrence of such discoveries highlights the ongoing challenges and potential security threats posed by unauthorized drone activities near the border areas.

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