February 18, 2024
Australia beat India by 79runs in Under-19 world cup final
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Australia beat India by 79runs in Under-19 world cup final

Australia beat India by 79runs in Under-19 world cup final.image/x

Australia beat India by 79runs in Under-19 world cup final

Australia inflicted another heartbreak on defending champions India in the Under-19 World Cup final, securing a 79-run victory to clinch their fourth title on Sunday. This marked the second time in three months that India reached the World Cup final unbeaten, only to face Australia and emerge on the losing side.

In a reminiscent celebration of Michael Vaughan’s iconic 2005 Ashes victory, Australian skipper Hugh Weibgen led his jubilant team onto the field as the fate of the game was sealed. The final showcased Australia’s dominance as they defended a target of 254, with two maiden overs setting the stage for the subsequent 43.5 overs of action.

During the first powerplay, Arshin Kulkarni and Musheer Khan fell victim to Australia’s early control, with Callum Vidler delivering a sensational spell and Mahli Beardman displaying remarkable pace. Beardman’s dismissal of India’s captain Uday Saharan for single digits hinted at the challenging chase ahead for the Indian team.

Pacers continued to exploit the vulnerabilities of Indian batters, with Raf MacMillan’s spin further adding to their woes. Despite the efforts of Adarsh Singh (47) and Murugan Abhishek (42) during their time at the crease, India fell short of the target.

In the first innings, after winning the toss, Australia’s skipper Hugh Weibgen opted to bat, setting a target of 253/7 runs. Opening with Harry Dixon (42 runs from 56 balls) and Sam Konstas (0 runs from 8 balls), the Kangaroos got off to a good start, despite Konstas’s early dismissal by Limbani in the 3rd over.

Weibgen took charge after Konstas’s departure, forming a crucial partnership with Dixon, who fell victim to Naman Tiwari in the 21st over. Harjas Singh’s impressive half-century (55 runs from 64 balls) further strengthened Australia’s position, with Naman dismissing Dixon in the 23rd over. Although Ryan Hicks (20 runs from 25 balls) played a steady knock, his partnership with Harjas proved crucial in securing Australia’s commanding position in the game.

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