February 18, 2024
Ab-De-Villiers U-turn Creates Mystery Around Kohli's Absence and Family Break
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Ab-De-Villiers U-turn Creates Mystery Around Kohli’s Absence and Family Break

Ab-De-Villiers U-turn Creates Mystery Around Kohli’s Absence and Family Break

Ab-De-Villiers U-turn Creates Mystery Around Kohli’s Absence and Family Break

On Sunday, AB de Villiers put an end to the mystery surrounding Virat Kohli’s absence by announcing on his YouTube channel that the Indian cricket star was taking a break due to family reasons, as he and his wife Anushka Sharma were expecting their second child. However, just five days later, de Villiers made a surprising reversal, admitting that his initial information was incorrect and acknowledging a “big mistake” on his part.

In a statement to Dainik Bhaskar, de Villiers emphasized the importance of family over cricket and expressed regret for the misinformation he had shared. He acknowledged Virat Kohli’s right to take a break for family reasons and wished him well, regardless of the circumstances. De Villiers made this correction during interactions at the SA20, where he engaged with various media outlets.

The unexpected nature of de Villiers’ erroneous comment adds a layer of mystery to Kohli’s continued absence, especially considering the close relationship between the two players. Kohli had previously confided in de Villiers about his retirement plans, making the misinformation about Kohli’s family situation all the more perplexing.

Initially, de Villiers had stated that Kohli was spending time with his family, missing the first two Test matches for that reason. He confirmed the news of Kohli expecting his second child and emphasized the importance of family time for the Indian captain. However, the subsequent correction by de Villiers has left the cricket community puzzled about the actual reasons behind Kohli’s extended break.

Virat Kohli had returned to India two days before the first Test, but he abruptly left, citing personal reasons, and withdrew from the initial two Tests. Although he was expected to rejoin the team for the third Test, recent reports suggest he might remain unavailable for the Rajkot Test and possibly the entire series. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has not officially confirmed Kohli’s status, and the delay in announcing the squad for the next Tests has further fueled speculation.

Contrary to rumors, Kohli’s absence is not linked to the BCCI’s delayed announcement of the next India Test squad. Reports indicate that the selection meeting occurred on Thursday, making February 9 a likely date for the official squad revelation. Until concrete information emerges, the saga of Kohli’s absence continues to captivate cricket enthusiasts.

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