February 18, 2024
JK-Police Assures Robust Security for Mehbooba-Mufti Following Recent Incident
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JK-Police Assures Robust Security for Mehbooba-Mufti Following Recent Incident

JK-Police Assures Robust Security for Mehbooba-Mufti Following Recent Incident.image/agencies

JK-Police Assures Robust Security for Mehbooba-Mufti Following Recent Incident

The Jammu and Kashmir Police issued a statement on Friday addressing concerns raised by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) regarding the security protocols for former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti. The statement emphasized that Mufti, classified as a Z+ category protectee, is under a comprehensive and sophisticated security arrangement aimed at ensuring her safety under all circumstances.

Following an incident in Anantnag district on Thursday, where Mufti narrowly escaped an accident, questions were raised about the adequacy of her security measures. The police clarified that Mufti’s security detail consists of 34 personnel, led by a chief security officer with the rank of an Inspector. This team includes personal security officers (PSOs) and a close proximity team of specially trained individuals for close combat situations. Additionally, measures such as protection during road journeys and a double escort of eight personnel from paramilitary forces are in place.

Mufti’s residence in Khimber is guarded by a contingent of paramilitary personnel, and her security convoy, equipped with multiple vehicles, includes a vehicle-mounted jammer to counter electronic threats.

Addressing the criticism raised by the PDP about the delayed arrival of an alternative vehicle from Srinagar, the police asserted that there was a prompt response by the Jammu and Kashmir Police post-accident.

The statement acknowledged that discussions about the security arrangements for protected individuals are typically not disclosed publicly. However, it was deemed necessary to reassure protectees, including PDP members, that Mufti’s security arrangements were consistently maintained. The police also pointed out that accidents often result from unforeseen factors and the road behavior of other users. In conclusion, the police emphasized the ongoing commitment to the security of Mehbooba Mufti and other protected persons.

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