JCB Elevates Osaka’s Hospitality to New Heights

JCB Elevates Osaka's Hospitality to New Heights
JCB Elevates Osaka's Hospitality to New Heights
JCB Elevates Osaka's Hospitality to New Heights
JCB Elevates Osaka's Hospitality to New Heights

JCB Elevates Osaka’s Hospitality to New Heights

JCB Elevates Osaka’s Hospitality to New Heights…..image/representative

JCB Elevates Osaka’s Hospitality to New Heights

The Japanese credit card giant, JCB, is making waves in Osaka by enhancing the level of satisfaction and hospitality experienced by visitors. Wataru Nakatani, JCB’s representative, highlights the company’s commitment to providing benefits for JCB cardholders in Osaka City, extending to shopping centers, hotels, and restaurant bars. The town has seen a surge in foreign guests who are drawn to Osaka’s unique charm and warm hospitality, making it an increasingly popular destination.

JCB Elevates Osaka’s Hospitality:Sightseeing Extravaganza with JCB Discounts

Osaka’s reputation as a hub for sightseeing is now coupled with exclusive privileges for JCB cardholders. Visitors with JCB cards can avail significant discounts at hotels, offering them a more affordable and enjoyable stay. This initiative not only promotes tourism but also solidifies JCB’s dedication to enhancing the overall experience of its cardholders in Osaka.

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JCB Elevates Osaka’s Hospitality:Osaka: The City of Satisfactory Eating

Known as the “City of Satisfactory Eating,” Osaka boasts a culinary scene that is both diverse and satisfying. JCB cardholders can savor the unique gastronomic delights of the city with substantial discounts at renowned restaurants. Japanese Cuisine TAWO’s Ken Ikuta emphasizes the appeal of seasonal dishes, such as raw tuna and mackerel, making Japanese cuisine a favorite among foreign tourists. Osaka’s distinct food culture becomes even more accessible and enjoyable with JCB’s focus on providing culinary benefits.

JCB Elevates Osaka’s Hospitality:Shopping Extravaganza at Kintetsu Department Store

The iconic Kintetsu Department Store, located in Abeno Harukasu, stands as a beacon for tourists, thanks to its expansive sales floor. Morihiro Matsumoto from Kintetsu Department Store expresses anticipation for an influx of overseas visitors, fueled by JCB’s collaboration. JCB cardholders can indulge in a duty-free salon experience, where foreign-issued JCB cards and passports grant access to VIP gold cards. This enables customers to enjoy profitable shopping experiences for clothes, cosmetics, or meals at the restaurant, fostering a seamless partnership between JCB and Kintetsu Department Store.

In alignment with Japan’s vision of becoming a “Tourism Kingdom,” JCB is actively contributing to this goal by elevating its hospitality offerings for guests from around the world. The synergy between JCB and Osaka reflects a commitment to creating an enriching and unforgettable experience for international visitors.

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