February 18, 2024
Hindu Side Seeks De-sealing of Wazukhana in Gyanvapi Complex
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Hindu Side Seeks De-sealing of Wazukhana in Gyanvapi Complex

Hindu Side Seeks De-sealing of Wazukhana in Gyanvapi Complex

Hindu Side Seeks De-sealing of Wazukhana in Gyanvapi Complex

The Hindu side filed an application in the Supreme Court, urging the de-sealing of the ‘wazukhana’ area in the Gyanvapi complex. The plea follows the Archaeological Survey of India’s findings during the survey of the mosque premises. The ‘Wazukhana’ was sealed in 2022 per a Supreme Court order. The application requests the court to allow the ASI to conduct another survey in the ‘wazukhana’ area without causing harm to the ‘Shivling’. The Hindu side aims for a comprehensive study to determine if the area contains a fountain or a Shivling.

ASI’s Scientific Survey Reveals Evidence of Hindu Temple at Gyanvapi

The ASI’s scientific survey, initiated on August 4, utilized ground-penetrating radar and other instruments to explore the Gyanvapi mosque premises. Recent findings, as per the ASI report, indicate evidence of a Hindu temple predating the mosque’s construction in the 17th century. The report mentions ancient scriptures in Kannada, Devanagari, and Telugu inside the mosque, depicting Rudra, Janardan, and Vishweshwar. Pillars from the demolished temple were repurposed for the mosque. The ASI concludes that a large Hindu temple existed before the current structure, emphasizing scientific studies, architectural remains, and inscriptions.

ASI Report Highlights Hindu Temple Pre-dating Gyanvapi Mosque

According to the ASI report, a pre-existing structure, likely a Hindu temple, was destroyed in the 17th century during Aurangzeb’s reign. Part of it was modified and reused in constructing the existing mosque. The “western wall of the existing structure” is identified as remnants of the pre-existing Hindu temple. The ASI findings support the Hindu side’s claim that the Gyanvapi mosque was built after demolishing a Hindu temple in the 17th century. The report indicates historical and architectural evidence of the temple’s existence before the mosque’s construction.

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