February 18, 2024
Gauhati High Court Halts Buffalo Fights in Assam
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Gauhati High Court Halts Buffalo Fights in Assam

Gauhati High Court Halts Buffalo Fights in Assam

Gauhati High Court Halts Buffalo Fights in Assam

In response to an application from PETA India seeking interim relief against the Assam Government’s approval of traditional Buffalo fights, the Gauhati High Court has directed the government to immediately cease any further buffalo fights in the state. The animal welfare organization’s petitions highlight numerous violations of central laws during these competitions.

PETA India’s Allegations and Evidence

PETA India’s investigation into these buffalo fights revealed disturbing practices, including the severe beating of terrified buffaloes to force them into combat. The organization submitted evidence showcasing instances where buffaloes were slapped, pushed, shoved, jabbed, struck with wooden sticks, and pulled by their nose-ropes to instigate fights. The cruel treatment inflicted significant distress on the animals.

Revival of Age-Old Tradition Sparks Controversy

The Assam government, during Magh Bihu last month, resurrected buffalo and bulbul fights, citing them as age-old traditions. This decision followed a nine-year hiatus imposed by the Gauhati High Court due to concerns about the cruelty inflicted on birds and animals during these events.

Injuries and Cruelty Unveiled

An investigation into a buffalo fight in Ahatguri, Morigaon district, on January 16 exposed the brutality involved. Buffaloes were seen sustaining bloody wounds to their necks, ears, faces, and foreheads as they locked horns and fought. The fights persisted until one buffalo broke away and fled, leaving behind a trail of injuries and distress.

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