December 10, 2023
Allegations of Financial Irregularities in Delhi Jal Board
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Allegations of Financial Irregularities in Delhi Jal Board

Allegations of Financial Irregularities in Delhi Jal Board

Allegations of Financial Irregularities in Delhi Jal Board

Allegations of Financial Irregularities in Delhi Jal Board

Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi has accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government of a substantial financial scam in the Delhi Jal Board (DJB), alleging irregularities amounting to Rs 3,237 crore since 2017. The AAP has countered these allegations, criticizing the BJP for what it calls fabricated claims against their administration.

Details of the Alleged Scam

  • Tender Process Irregularities: Lekhi claimed that the AAP government avoided issuing tenders for 12,000 work orders worth Rs 600 crore by keeping the value of each order below Rs 5 lakh.
  • Financial Discrepancies: She highlighted a lack of proper accounting since 2017, pointing out a mismatch of Rs 1,167 crore between DJB’s financial statement and bank conciliation statements, and a missing Rs 135-crore term deposit.

AAP’s Response to the Allegations

  • Refuting Claims: The AAP dismissed the allegations as an attempt by the BJP to hinder Delhi’s progress, defending their government as honest and devoted to the people.
  • Accusing BJP of Hindering Development: The AAP alleged that the BJP, through the GNCTD Amendment Act, has been obstructing the functioning of the Delhi government and the DJB, particularly affecting water and sewer facilities development.

Calls for Investigation

  • BJP’s Demand: Virendra Sachdeva, BJP’s Delhi unit chief, urged Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to refer the matter to the CBI and ED for investigation. He suggested that the BJP would approach the Lt Governor for the same if Kejriwal does not act.

Political Implications

  • AAP’s Continued Commitment: Despite the allegations, the AAP asserts its commitment to the development of Delhi and accuses the BJP of attempting to halt their work through false claims and threats of investigations.

The dispute highlights the ongoing political tussle in Delhi, with the BJP and AAP engaging in accusations and counter-accusations. The seriousness of the allegations and the AAP’s firm rebuttal underscore the charged atmosphere in Delhi’s political landscape, especially concerning public utility services like the DJB.

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