February 18, 2024
President Droupadi Murmu Highlights India's Role in Global Justice Delivery

President Droupadi Murmu Highlights India’s Role in Global Justice Delivery

President Droupadi Murmu Highlights India’s Role in Global Justice Delivery/ANI

President Droupadi Murmu Highlights India’s Role in Global Justice Delivery

President Murmu Affirms India’s Significance in International Justice

In her address at the Valedictory Ceremony of CLEA-Commonwealth Attorneys and Solicitors General Conference (CAGSC-24), President Droupadi Murmu expressed confidence in India’s role as a key stakeholder in global discourse, particularly in the realm of justice delivery. She highlighted India’s rich and long democratic heritage, emphasizing that the country, as the world’s largest democracy, has much to offer in terms of learning and experience in justice delivery in modern times.

Global Collaborations for Environmental Justice

President Murmu addressed the threat of climate change and urged global collaborations for “environmental justice” to tackle cross-border legal challenges. She emphasized the interconnectedness of the world, not only through environmental concerns but also through globalization of trade and commerce and technological advancements.

Cross-Border Challenges in Justice Delivery

The President acknowledged the significance of addressing cross-border legal challenges and stressed the importance of keeping in mind interconnection, interdependence, and technological revolution while exploring complex legal issues. She emphasized the need to be guided by common humanity and humanitarian values.

Commonwealth’s Role in Addressing Common Concerns

President Murmu lauded the Commonwealth for its diversity and legacy, stating that it can show the rest of the world how to address common concerns in a spirit of cooperation. She expressed her confidence in CLEA’s responsibility to chart a roadmap to a common future that transcends borders and underscores the fundamental principles of natural justice based on equality and dignity.

The Sanskrit Term “Nyaya” and the Legal Profession

Drawing from Sanskrit, President Murmu noted that the closest term to justice is “nyaya,” signifying both what is just and what is right. She highlighted the role of the legal profession and the judiciary in upholding the moral order of society, noting that lawyers and judges play a crucial role in setting things right when the order is challenged.

President Droupadi Murmu’s address underscored India’s commitment to contributing meaningfully to the global discourse on justice delivery, addressing environmental challenges, and fostering collaboration among Commonwealth nations.

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