February 18, 2024
Imran Khan Questions Transparency of Elections on February 8
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Imran Khan Questions Transparency of Elections on February 8

Imran Khan Questions Transparency of Elections on February 8/ANI

Imran Khan Questions Transparency of Elections on February 8

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed skepticism about the transparency of the upcoming elections on February 8, describing them as the “mother of all selections.” He criticized the perceived preferential treatment given to a single political party, turning the polls into a selection rather than a fair election. Khan urged Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) members to actively engage in electioneering.

Censorship Dispute in Adiala Jail Courtroom

Imran Khan’s routine interaction with reporters after the cypher case hearing at Adiala Jail was abruptly ended. The jail superintendent asked Khan not to speak to reporters about political matters, leading to a dispute. Khan argued for his right to speak while the superintendent insisted that journalists could only cover the case proceedings. The incident highlighted tensions surrounding Khan’s trial.

PTI Urged to Hold Protest, Criticisms During Hearing

Imran Khan called on PTI to organize a protest on the following Sunday. During the cypher case hearing, Khan criticized the special prosecutor and alleged attempts to “rescue Donald Lu.” The controversy over the cypher began when Khan publicly displayed a paper during a rally, claiming it revealed an international conspiracy. The case involves allegations of violating the Official Secrets Act (OSA).

Warning on Lack of Transparency in Elections

Imran Khan warned that a lack of transparency in elections could lead to further instability and uncertainty. He accused the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) of intentionally delaying matters related to PTI’s intra-party elections. Khan expressed concern about alleged harassment and detention of PTI candidates by authorities, emphasizing the importance of fair elections.

Ongoing Cypher Case and Political Dynamics

The cypher case involves allegations against Khan and associates for violating the OSA. The former foreign secretary’s testimony and disputes during the hearing add to the political dynamics surrounding Khan’s legal challenges. The PTI leader’s warnings about instability and transparency issues reflect the intensity of the political climate in the run-up to the elections.

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