February 18, 2024
BJP Dismisses INDIA Bloc as "Brain Dead"

BJP Dismisses INDIA Bloc as “Brain Dead”

BJP Dismisses INDIA Bloc as “Brain Dead”

BJP Dismisses INDIA Bloc as “Brain Dead”

In a scathing critique, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) declared the INDIA bloc as “brain dead,” characterizing it as an “unnatural alliance” that is destined to face its demise. Union Minister Pralhad Joshi asserted that the alliance, primarily led by the Congress, was only superficial and primarily existed for photo opportunities. The recent developments include the Trinamool Congress (TMC) rejecting any collaboration with the Congress and the Janata Dal (United) opting out of the bloc in favor of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

Congress Faces Opposition Within INDIA Bloc

Union Minister Pralhad Joshi emphasized that the Congress’s confrontational approach with other parties is inherent, and the recent rifts within the INDIA bloc reflect the alliance’s inherent instability. Joshi’s comments come in the aftermath of the Congress being at the receiving end of criticism from various regional parties within the alliance.

Unraveling of Unnatural Alliance Predicted

Asserting that the alliance was never more than a façade, Joshi stated, “We always maintained that this alliance was only for photoshoots. It was an unnatural alliance. It is now brain dead and is bound to meet its natural death soon.” The BJP’s characterization of the INDIA bloc highlights the challenges and internal conflicts plaguing the coalition, leading to speculation about its sustainability in the political landscape.

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