February 18, 2024
Amit Shah Urges MLAs to Bridge Government-Opposition-Public Gap
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Amit Shah Urges MLAs to Bridge Government-Opposition-Public Gap

Amit Shah Urges MLAs to Bridge Government-Opposition-Public Gap

Amit Shah Urges MLAs to Bridge Government-Opposition-Public Gap

Union Home Minister Emphasizes the Role of MLAs in Good Administration

Chhattisgarh, Raipur: Union Home Minister Amit Shah, addressing an event in Raipur, emphasized the crucial role of Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) as the link between the government, opposition, and the public. Shah urged MLAs to actively participate in implementing government schemes, contribute to forming new schemes, and efficiently manage their responsibilities.

Key Points from Amit Shah’s Address

  1. Two-Way System for Perfect Administration:
  • MLAs belonging to the ruling government should work on implementing government schemes and contribute to formulating new ones.
  • This two-way system enhances the efficiency of administration.
  1. Continuous Learning and Tradition:
  • Shah stressed the importance of continuous learning, stating that there is no age limit for acquiring knowledge.
  • MLAs are bearers of a tradition, and they should be committed to preserving and upholding it.
  1. Responsibilities of MLAs:
  • MLAs have three primary responsibilities: towards their constituency, the party’s ideology, and the progress of the entire state.
  • Systematic allocation of time and energy is essential to succeed in these areas.
  1. MLAs as Public Representatives:
  • Public representatives should possess sensitivity towards the public and the area, along with the readiness, skill, and eagerness to discharge public responsibilities.
  • Building positive public relations and effectively implementing policies and objectives are crucial.
  1. Role of Opposition MLAs:
  • Opposition MLAs should actively participate in implementing government schemes on the ground.
  • Schemes benefit the party that takes them to the people.
  1. Legislative Responsibility:
  • MLAs have a legislative responsibility to understand bills, their consequences, and objectives.
  • Shah urged MLAs to study bills and budgets responsibly and proactively.
  1. Dignity of Legislative House:
  • Shah expressed concern about the lowering of the legislative house’s dignity during public speeches.
  • MLAs should maintain language, behavior, and correspondence with the Assembly Secretariat according to rules.
  1. Communication, Connection, and Hard Work:
  • Connection, communication, and hard work are crucial for success in regional, state, and national politics.
  • MLAs should connect with the public, work hard for the area, and maintain a modern and scientific approach in their offices.
  1. Public Relations and Opinion Makers:
  • Public representatives should develop effective public relations and engage with different sections of society.
  • Teachers, women, youth, litterateurs, journalists, and underprivileged beneficiaries are considered opinion makers.
  1. Development and Political Ethics:
    • MLAs should not seek development in their constituency only after election results.
    • Political ethics involve treating every part of the constituency equally, irrespective of election outcomes.

Amit Shah’s address outlined the multifaceted responsibilities of MLAs and highlighted the need for effective communication, public service, and ethical conduct in politics.

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