February 18, 2024
Youth for Peace International Organizes Discussion on Youth Engagement in Jammu
Jammu Kashmir

Youth for Peace International Organizes Discussion on Youth Engagement in Jammu

Youth for Peace International Organizes Discussion on Youth Engagement in Jammu.image/sachnews

Youth for Peace International Organizes Discussion on Youth Engagement in Jammu

Youth for Peace International recently organized a meaningful dialogue on the crucial topic of ‘Youth Participation’ in Jammu, in collaboration with Samvada Baduku and Eqra Foundation. Bringing together twenty youth leaders and social workers from the region, the event aimed to advocate for the rights and active involvement of young people in decision-making processes.

Highlighting the context, the Global Youth Development 2020 report revealed that India currently ranks 55th in terms of youth political and civil participation. Notably, the average age of Lok Sabha MPs has consistently exceeded 50 for the past two decades, with no representation of individuals under 29, despite the youth being the largest demographic in the country. In response to this, Samvada, a youth work organization based in Karnataka, is collaborating with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) nationwide to conduct consultative dialogues with youth leaders and workers, addressing the pressing need for increased youth representation.

Drawing inspiration from previous successful dialogues in Karnataka, which led to the formulation of a youth manifesto and budget, the organizers seek to replicate this model on a broader scale. The recommendations from these documents were even adopted by select political parties during the 2023 Karnataka Assembly Elections.

During the Jammu consultation, Musaddiq, a youth and peace activist from Pulwama district in Jammu and Kashmir, emphasized the necessity of providing a “space for acknowledging and considering innovative ideas and solutions for social change by young people.” He also stressed the importance of “making existing grievance redressal mechanisms more youth-focused” and highlighted the urgent need for “new interventions addressing drug abuse, mental health, and career counseling.” These consultations serve as platforms for young individuals to not only share their experiences but also to contribute recommendations and propose solutions for the formulation of the ‘We, the Youth of India: Youth Agenda 2024.’

Considering the upcoming general elections scheduled for April-May 2024, the organizers are determined to finalize the Youth Agenda document by February 2024. The subsequent steps involve dissemination and lobbying with stakeholders, planned for March – April 2024. This initiative reflects a proactive approach to addressing the systemic issue of limited youth participation in decision-making spaces, with the goal of fostering a more inclusive and representative political landscape.

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