February 18, 2024
Uttarakhand Assembly Tables Uniform Civil Code Bill
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Uttarakhand Assembly Tables Uniform Civil Code Bill

Uttarakhand Assembly Tables Uniform Civil Code Bill/ANI

Uttarakhand Assembly Tables Uniform Civil Code Bill

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami presented the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) bill in the Uttarakhand Assembly, leading to an adjournment of the House. The comprehensive bill addresses laws concerning marriage, divorce, succession, and live-in relationships.

Key Provisions of the UCC Bill

The UCC Bill mandates the registration of live-in relationships within one month from the date of initiation, with consent from parents. It enforces a ban on child marriage and introduces a uniform divorce process, ensuring equal property rights for women of all religions.

Mandatory Marriage Age and Registration

The proposed UCC sets the marriage age at 18 for women and 21 for men across communities. Registration becomes mandatory for all religious marriages, invalidating those without it. No divorce petitions will be allowed within the first year of marriage.

The UCC Bill recognizes diverse marriage ceremonies, aligning with religious practices such as “Saptapadt,” “Nikah,” and “Anand Karaj.” However, it excludes its application to Scheduled Tribes and those with protected customary rights under the Constitution.

Chief Minister Dhami expressed that passing the UCC Bill would align Uttarakhand with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of “One India, Best India.” Fulfilling a significant promise, its passage is a key agenda following the 2022 Assembly polls, with a committee formed in March 2022 to draft the UCC.

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