February 18, 2024
Three arrested in Anantnag with Contraband Cache
Kashmir Anantnag Crime

Three arrested in Anantnag with Contraband Cache

Three arrested in Anantnag with Contraband Cache.image/RK

Three arrested in Anantnag with Contraband Cache

In Anantnag district of South Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Police made a significant breakthrough on Friday by confiscating a large consignment of contraband substances and apprehending three individuals. The police action followed information received through reliable sources indicating that a family, consisting of a father, mother, and son – Mohd Ramzan Ganai, Gh Rasool Ganie, Shahzada Akhter, Mohd Ramzan Ganie, and Zubair Ramzan Ganai – were engaged in the illegal trade of both illicit alcohol and cannabis charas powder as part of a well-planned criminal conspiracy.

According to a police spokesperson, intelligence revealed that the family had concealed substantial quantities of illicit alcohol and cannabis charas powder in various hideouts within their residence, as well as in a Swift Dzire Car, a Baleno car, and a Motorcycle. Subsequently, a case under FIR No. 04/2024, registered at Police Station Mattan under sections 8/20,29 of the NDPS Act and sections 48,50 of the Excise Act, was initiated.

To carry out the search operation, a team comprised of Anantnag Police and an Executive Magistrate was formed. The search of the premises resulted in the discovery and confiscation of approximately 9.27 kilograms of charas powder and 867 bottles of illicit alcohol. All three accused individuals were promptly arrested, and authorities seized the implicated vehicles – Swift Dzire, Baleno car, and KTM Motorcycle – along with a sum of Rs. 13,325 in cash. The investigation into this case is ongoing, as law enforcement continues to delve into the details of the illegal activities conducted by the accused trio.

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