February 18, 2024
Pakistan PTI Faces Uphill Battle in Election Amidst Imran Khan's Detention and Innovative Campaign Tactics
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Pakistan PTI Faces Uphill Battle in Election Amidst Imran Khan’s Detention and Innovative Campaign Tactics

Pakistan PTI Faces Uphill Battle in Election Amidst Imran Khan’s Detention and Innovative Campaign Tactics

Pakistan PTI Faces Uphill Battle in Election Amidst Imran Khan’s Detention and Innovative Campaign Tactics

In the lead-up to Pakistan’s February 8 election, Komal Asghar, a 25-year-old insurance company employee, spearheaded a team of veiled and headscarf-clad women through the alleys of Lahore. Their mission: door-to-door canvassing and distributing campaign pamphlets featuring images of the imprisoned former prime minister, Imran Khan. Asghar, who temporarily left her job to support Khan’s embattled Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, emphasized the strategic use of face coverings to navigate canvassing without drawing unwanted attention.

Imran Khan, in detention since August, faces a challenging electoral landscape as numerous PTI candidates contend with criminal charges they allege are politically motivated. Despite disruptions at PTI rallies, supporters like Asghar remain resolute, citing unwavering faith in Khan and the protective anonymity provided by the attire of the female canvassers.

The PTI employs a dual-pronged campaign strategy involving discreet ground efforts, often led by female volunteers, and innovative AI technology, according to interviews with party members and experts. Generative AI has been utilized to produce video footage of Khan delivering speeches from his prison cell, urging supporters to participate on election day. Additionally, online rallies on social media platforms, drawing hundreds of thousands of viewers, contribute to the party’s virtual outreach.

Imran Khan, recently sentenced to prison on various charges, continues to command attention through PTI’s adept use of technology and his personal popularity. The party accuses the military of attempting to dismantle it, a claim the military denies. Rights groups and critics argue that Khan undermined democratic norms during his tenure.

While PTI maintains strong support, restrictions on the party’s campaigning pose challenges. The party’s reliance on digital outreach aims to engage the sizable youth demographic, with a focus on reinforcing Khan’s association with PTI through generative AI-generated clips. Despite limitations, PTI’s commitment to online initiatives, an app facilitating candidate identification, and virtual rallies demonstrate adaptability.

The banning of PTI’s cricket bat symbol adds complexity, as candidates run without official party affiliation. Online rallies, intended to replicate large in-person gatherings, face disruptions, with claims of internet access interference during PTI events. Despite the party’s extensive online reach, the effectiveness of elections in Pakistan still hinges on on-the-ground efforts to drive voter turnout.

The political landscape is further complicated by clashes between law enforcement and PTI supporters in Karachi, where tear gas was deployed, resulting in arrests. In Lahore, PTI organizer Naveed Gul alleges the removal of party materials by authorities, a claim disputed by the police chief. As tensions escalate, PTI’s ability to navigate challenges and sustain popular support remains uncertain.

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