February 18, 2024
Innovative Leave Policy in China: Mood Leave Gains Attention
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Innovative Leave Policy in China: Mood Leave Gains Attention

Innovative Leave Policy in China: Mood Leave Gains Attention/NDTV

Innovative Leave Policy in China: Mood Leave Gains Attention

A woman in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, has garnered attention after being granted “mood leave” by her company due to her unhappiness over the absence of snow. The unique leave policy allows employees to request time off whenever they feel emotionally distressed without impacting their salary or performance bonus.

Expressing Emotions: Filling Out a Unique Leave Application

In a video shared online, the woman is seen filling out the leave application form, citing the reason as “it isn’t snowing in Hangzhou and I am feeling emotional.” The company, based on the CEO’s declaration, encourages employees to take “mood leave” as a means to prioritize mental well-being.

CEO’s Support for Employee Happiness

The company’s CEO publicly stated that employees have the right to decline tasks from their bosses and can freely take “mood leave” if they are feeling unhappy. This supportive approach aims to prevent potential errors and losses for the company, acknowledging the impact of employees’ emotional well-being on work performance.

Mixed Reactions on Chinese Social Media

The news has sparked a range of reactions on Chinese social media platforms. Some applaud the CEO’s wisdom, recognizing the potential negative effects of employees working in a bad mood. Others express skepticism, suggesting that the reason for leave might be an excuse for leisure. Nonetheless, many appreciate the company’s understanding and the freedom it provides, emphasizing the importance of a boss who values employees’ well-being.

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