February 18, 2024
India Joins Conclave in Kabul for Regional Cooperation
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India Joins Conclave in Kabul for Regional Cooperation

India Joins Conclave in Kabul for Regional Cooperation

India Joins Conclave in Kabul for Regional Cooperation

India was among the countries participating in a conclave organized by the Taliban in Kabul, aiming for broader regional cooperation. The meeting included countries like Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, and Kyrgyzstan. Russia was represented by its special representative for Afghanistan. The Taliban’s acting foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, emphasized the need for regional dialogues and urged nations to engage positively with Afghanistan. India’s participation comes amid its call for an inclusive government in Kabul, despite not officially recognizing the Taliban regime.

Taliban Urges Regional Cooperation for Positive Interaction

Amir Khan Muttaqi, addressing the Regional Cooperation Initiative meeting, urged participants to explore opportunities in Afghanistan for regional development. He emphasized coordination in managing potential threats and called for the removal of “unilateral sanctions” on Afghanistan. Kabul expressed readiness to engage and cooperate with regional countries based on mutual interest and respect. India’s involvement follows an invitation to the Afghan mission’s representative in the UAE for Republic Day celebrations, highlighting standard diplomatic engagement.

India’s Diplomatic Presence in Kabul Re-established

In June 2022, India re-established its diplomatic presence in Kabul by deploying a “technical team” to its embassy. This move marked a reengagement despite previous concerns over the security of Indian officials after the Taliban’s takeover. While India has not officially recognized the Taliban government, its participation in the Kabul conclave indicates a pragmatic approach to regional cooperation in the interest of stability and positive interactions.

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