February 18, 2024
Accident in Rajouri One dead and 17 injured
Rajouri Accidents

Accident in Rajouri One dead and 17 injured

Accident in Rajouri One dead and 17 injured.image/PNGEGG

Accident in Rajouri One dead and 17 injured

Tragedy struck Rajouri district on Sunday afternoon as one person lost their life and seventeen others sustained injuries in a vehicular accident.

According to an official statement provided to the news agency Kashmir Scroll, the incident involved a Matador vehicle with registration number JK02M 8723. The vehicle, en route from Teryath to Pouni, met with the unfortunate accident at Saryo, allegedly due to excessive speed and reckless driving by the driver.

The official stated, “A passenger lost their life at the accident site, and seventeen others sustained injuries during the incident.”

The deceased has been identified as Pritam Lal, the son of Isher Das, a resident of Narla Bambel Khawas in Rajouri. The injured individuals include Rakesh Kumar, son of Bansi Lal (35) from Thangriote; Mohd Arif, son of Mohd Younis (10) from Khorbani; Gulab Jaan, wife of Mohd Bashir (45) from Bissi Kalakote; Aku Akhter, daughter of Gulzar Ahmed (9) from Basantpur; Nisha Devi, wife of Jagdish Lal (25) from Arnas; Mohd Altaf, son of Iqbal (24) from Kala Reasi; Jagdish Lal (30) from Arnas Reasi; Mohd Jamil, son of Abdul Ghani (37) from Narla; Mohd Sakhi Khan, son of Sadhik Khan (54) from Keri Teryath; Maroon Khan, son of Mohd Sakhi Khan (7) from Keri Teryath; Indu Devi, wife of Joginder Pal (27) from Gulabgarh; Joginder Pal, son of Baldev Raj (35) from Gulabgarh; Shakuntla Devi, wife of Kamal Singh from Keri Teryath; Mamta Devi, daughter of Kamal Singh (22) from Keri Teryath; Anu Devi, daughter of Kamal Singh (24) from Keri Teryath; and Fareena Begum, wife of Sakhi, and Fullan Begum (60) from Birpur.

Confirming the incident, a police official informed Kashmir Scroll that a police team was dispatched to the accident site immediately upon receiving the information.

“The incident has been taken into cognizance for further investigations,” the official added.

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