February 18, 2024
20-Year-Old Cricketer died in Hanjiwera Baramulla

20-Year-Old Cricketer died in Hanjiwera Baramulla

20-Year-Old Cricketer died in Hanjiwera Baramulla

20-Year-Old Cricketer died in Hanjiwera Baramulla

A tragic incident occurred on Friday in the Hanjiwera area of Baramulla’s Pattan, where a 20-year-old individual, Suhaib Yaseen, lost his life due to a suspected heart attack while engaged in a game of cricket.

According to officials, Suhaib Yaseen suddenly collapsed while in the midst of running to bowl during a cricket match in Hanjiwera. Swiftly, he was transported to a nearby hospital, where, unfortunately, he was declared deceased. Preliminary reports indicate that the cause of his sudden demise may have been a heart attack.

The authorities have taken notice of the situation, with the police acknowledging the incident and initiating the necessary investigations.

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