February 18, 2024
Why Internet Was Down in Pakistan Last Night - An Analysis
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Why Internet Was Down in Pakistan Last Night – An Analysis

Why Internet Was Down in Pakistan Last Night – An Analysis

As this era belongs to social media & it’s gaints are providing continuous platforms in built to express the public opinion whether it’s twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other models.

Last night, in evening duration the social media users in pakistan started expressing that the internet speed in cities across Pakistan got down. Social media users across Pakistan started calling telecom operators for worse service but as per sources, authorities not dared to pick the calls.

In a sudden envelope of time, a credible news sources, Inside Paper reports that, “Multiple users report internet being extremely slow or down in several cities of Pakistan including Karachi and Lahore”.

Apparently, on the other side, Pakistan’s Tahreek e Insaf-Pakistan’s largest political party, was organizing the first virtual powershow/Jalsa.

So the people across the country, related this disruption with the supression of PTI.

How Social Media users Reacted ?

A social media users, posted on social media platform X, expressed by saying, “If a party wants to hold an online meeting, then slow down the speed of the internet across the country and impose such a ban, then it means that democratic principles are not being implemented in Pakistan. Why so fearful?”
Further, shared the image of Pakistan’s telecom operators showed the disruption and low speed in connectivity.

Similarly, thousands of users, related this Disruption allegedly by Pakistani establishment to supresss the largest political party of pakistan.


Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf-Pakistan’s largest political Virtual powershow

Below are some stats shown of the powershow of PTI.
4 million views on Facebook
2 million views on Youtube
1 million views on Twitter Live streaming
5 million listeners on Twitter Space
4 top trends on Twitter with more than 650 lakh tweets!!

Netblocks, a famous internet monitoring group, quickly reported the occurrence, calling it a “nation-scale disruption”. While taking to X, Netblocks posted, “⚠️ Confirmed: Live metrics show a nation-scale disruption to social media platforms across #Pakistan, including X/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; the incident comes just ahead of a major virtual gathering organized by persecuted opposition leader Imran Khan’s party, PTI”

In another tweet, reads,”ℹ️ICYMI: Metrics show major social media platforms were restricted in #Pakistan for ~7 hours on Sunday evening during an online political gathering; the incident is consistent with previous instances of internet censorship targeting opposition leader Imran Khan and his party PTI”

Pakistan’s Tahreek e Insaf’s Reaction on Internet Disruption

This is proof of the fear of the unprecedented popularity of Imran Khan’s PTI!” the party wrote on X. “In what was an expected move, the illegitimate, fascist regime has slowed down internet speed & disruption of social media platforms all across Pakistan, prior to PTI’s historic Virtual Jalsa!”

However, Pakistan’s Telecommunication Authority (PTA) not responded regarding to this large scale internet shutdown. Last May, PTA had also shutdown the internet after the arrest of Pakistan’s Ex Prime Minister Imran Khan.

However, it is currently viewable, how the human fundamental rights, acess to justice and other remedies are violated. Pakistan’s history is evident of spreading terrorism across the borders and sheltering them for their cause.

Dil Bar Irshad is a seasoned journalist, hails from Jammu Kashmir's Doda, covers political, social, business stories, index stories. Dil Bar has worked with several newspapers, Khalsa Express English Newspaper, Sada e kohistan Urdu Newspaper & Millenium Post. Dilbar has worked in international news agency too. You can reach dilbar via whatsapp 9622662212

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