February 18, 2024
SIA Submits Chargesheet Against 12 Suspects in Kashmiri Pandit Murder Case
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SIA Submits Chargesheet Against 12 Suspects in Kashmiri Pandit Murder Case

SIA Submits Chargesheet Against 12 Suspects in Kashmiri Pandit Murder Case.image/KL

SIA Submits Chargesheet Against 12 Suspects in Kashmiri Pandit Murder Case

The State Investigation Agency (SIA) Kashmir has officially submitted a charge sheet against 12 individuals in connection with the murder of Sanjay Sharma, a Kashmiri Pandit, in Pulwama district of south Kashmir last year.

As per the provided statement, the case was initially registered at Police Station Litter Pulwama under FIR No. 14/2023 and was subsequently transferred to SIA Kashmir for a specialized investigation. The statement indicates that the brutal crime occurred on February 26, 2023, at Achhan Pulwama, and the ensuing investigation uncovered a larger conspiracy with origins traced across the border. The primary objective, as stated, was to disrupt the ongoing efforts to revive peace and communal harmony in the valley. The murder of an innocent individual from the minority community was allegedly intended to incite communal disharmony and sustain terrorism.

Upon taking charge of the case, the SIA conducted thorough searches across South Kashmir, revealing crucial physical and technical evidence. This evidence purportedly exposed the involvement of the accused in the crime, encompassing activities such as providing logistical support, harboring the accused, and concealing evidence. The SIA carried out five rounds of extensive searches at 32 locations across the valley during the investigation, resulting in the seizure of mobile devices, incriminating documents, bank records, a pistol magazine, and live cartridges.

The charge sheet has been formally filed before the Special Designated Court under the NIA Act at Pulwama against specific individuals, including Jazim Farooq Wani, Khalid Kamran, Zaffar Hussain Bhat, Nassir Farooq Shah, Aamir Hussain Wani, Shameem Ahmad Bhat, Towseef Ahmad Pandith, Sajjad Ahmad Bhat, Sarjeel Ahmad Bhat, Danish Ahmad Thokar, Ubaid Ahmad Paddar, and Sahil Bashir Dar. It is noted that eight out of the 13 accused, including three juveniles, are currently in judicial custody. Jazim Farooq Wani, Danish Hamid Thokar, and Ubaid Ahmad Paddar have reportedly been killed in encounters with security forces, while Zaffar Hussain Bhat and Khalid Kamran are presently at large.

The investigation brought to light that the accused received instructions from terror handlers across the border, maintaining communication through encrypted online messaging platforms. Jazim Farooq Wani, identified as the triggerman, allegedly received weapon handling training from Nassir Farooq Shah on the directives of the Pakistani handler Khalid Kamran.

The SIA Kashmir has affirmed its commitment to vigorously pursue the case in the court of law, ensuring that all individuals involved in the crime are brought to justice. The investigation is ongoing, with efforts to apprehend the remaining accused, including those presently absconding.

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