Shankaracharya Temple’s Ropeway Project Progresses

Shankaracharya Temple's Ropeway Project Progresses
Shankaracharya Temple's Ropeway Project Progresses
Shankaracharya Temple's Ropeway Project Progresses
Shankaracharya Temple's Ropeway Project Progresses

Shankaracharya Temple’s Ropeway Project Progresses

Shankaracharya Temple’s Ropeway Project Progresses…..image/KL

Shankaracharya Temple’s Ropeway Project Progresses

The tranquil landscapes of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, are poised for a transformative change as the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways injects Rs 126.58 crore into the ambitious plan for ropeway connectivity to the sacred Shankaracharya Temple. Nestled atop Takht-e-Suleiman hill in the Srinagar district, standing majestically at 1100 ft above the city’s surface level, this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is set to undergo a modern marvel.

Shankaracharya Temple’s Ropeway Project:A Divine Ascent: Reducing Travel Time to Mere Minutes

Anticipated to be operational by December 2026, the ropeway project’s primary objective is to significantly slash the travel time between Srinagar and the revered Hindu shrine to a mere five minutes. Currently, pilgrims endure a journey of at least half an hour, predominantly by road, followed by a short hike up the picturesque hill. The plan envisions gondolas on a monocable setup, boasting a capacity to transport 14,000 passengers daily to the temple, offering a seamless connection to the historical and sacred site.

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Shankaracharya Temple’s Ropeway Project:Technology Meets Tradition: MonoCable Detachable Gondola (MDG) Innovations

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, a driving force behind this transformative initiative, unveiled the plan’s technical details. The ropeway, spanning 1.05 km in the Srinagar district, adopts the MonoCable Detachable Gondola (MDG) technology, promising efficiency and reliability. Gadkari shared on X (formerly Twitter) that the ropeway will run from the SDA Parking near Zabarwan Park directly to the temple. Operating on the Hybrid Annuity Mode, it holds the capacity to transport 700 passengers per hour per direction.

Shankaracharya Temple’s Ropeway Project:Beyond Pilgrimage: Panoramic Views and Environmental Stewardship

This ropeway project is not merely a means of spiritual ascent but also a gateway to breathtaking views of Srinagar, including the iconic Dal Lake. Union Minister Gadkari emphasized its significance in ensuring easy access for individuals with disabilities and senior citizens, reducing travel time from approximately 30 minutes to about 5 minutes. Moreover, the eco-friendly mode of transport aims to boost tourism, creating employment opportunities and contributing to the sustainable development of the region.

As the plan for Shankaracharya Temple’s ropeway progresses, it aligns with the broader trend of leveraging ropeways or cable cars in challenging terrains, with various projects, including the Srinagar initiative, slated for completion by 2026.

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