PM Modi’s Srinagar Visit Sparks Warmth Among Kashmiris

PM Modi's Srinagar Visit Sparks Warmth Among Kashmiris
PM Modi's Srinagar Visit Sparks Warmth Among Kashmiris

PM Modi’s Srinagar Visit Sparks Warmth Among Kashmiris

PM Modi’s Srinagar Visit Sparks Warmth Among Kashmiris…..image/sachnews

PM Modi’s Srinagar Visit Sparks Warmth Among Kashmiris

Srinagar, Mar 07: Praising the captivating beauty of Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized that his mission was to establish a genuine connection with the Kashmiri people, and he proudly declared his success in achieving this goal during a massive gathering at Bakshi Stadium, Srinagar.

PM Modi’s Srinagar Visit Sparks:Breathing Freedom: Post Article 370 Revocation

In his address, PM Modi attributed the revocation of Article 370 to the liberation of the people, highlighting that the move allowed various communities, including West Pakistan Refugees, Valmikis, and the downtrodden, to exercise voting rights for the first time. He asserted that the removal of Article 370 had freed the people of J&K, offering them new opportunities and fulfilling their long-standing dreams.

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PM Modi’s Srinagar Visit Sparks:Rescuing J&K Bank: Unraveling the Nexus of Dynasty Politics

PM Modi accused the political parties in J&K, especially Congress, of exploiting Article 370 for their own gains. He specifically targeted dynasty politics, asserting that it had led to the ruin of the premier financial institution, J&K Bank. Modi claimed that the institution was on the verge of sinking, entangled in family rule and corruption. However, his government successfully rescued the bank, turning its fortune around and restoring financial stability.

PM Modi’s Srinagar Visit Sparks:Tourist Surge and Developmental Triumphs: Post G-20 Impact

Highlighting the post-G-20 era, PM Modi celebrated the surge in tourism, both domestic and foreign, in J&K. He noted a record influx of over 2 Crore tourists in the UT, emphasizing the rising popularity of J&K as a sought-after wedding destination. Modi shared his vision of J&K becoming a hub of development, with various projects worth Rs 6400 Crore being inaugurated. He underscored the positive transformation and the unstoppable journey of J&K toward success, peace, and prosperity.

In a charismatic conclusion, PM Modi expressed gratitude for the warmth and love he received from the people of J&K, reaffirming his commitment to continue working for the betterment of the region. He shared his vision of a rapidly changing and thriving J&K, leaving an indelible mark on the developmental front in the next five years.

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