February 18, 2024
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Jammu Kashmir Ladakh (Union Territory)

Major Infrastructural Initiatives Unveiled in jk and Ladakh with 20 Development Projects

Major Infrastructural Initiatives Unveiled in jk and Ladakh with 20 Development Projects.image/RK

Major Infrastructural Initiatives Unveiled in jk and Ladakh with 20 Development Projects

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated and dedicated 35 infrastructure projects constructed by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) at a cost of Rs 670 Crore from the Dhak Bridge site in Uttarakhand. Among these projects, eleven are situated in the Union Territory (UT) of Jammu & Kashmir, and nine are in the UT of Ladakh. Additionally, Singh conducted the e-inauguration of 34 other infrastructure projects. Noteworthy among the inaugurated projects is the Ragini-Ustad-Pharkian Gali Road in the Union Territory of J&K.

Singh emphasized the government’s distinctive approach to border area development during the inauguration, highlighting its commitment to providing last-mile connectivity. The Ragini-Ustad-Pharkian Gali Road, a key project covering a length of 38.25 km as a CL-9 road, ensures all-weather connectivity between Tangdhar and Keran sectors, thereby enhancing military operational readiness.

Several significant roads and bridges were inaugurated in J&K, including the Jotha Bridge (50 m span) on the Basholi-Bani-Bhaderwah road, Kannha Bridge (240 m span) on Kappagala-Battal Road, Balini Bridge (130 m span) on the Jammu-Srinagar Highway, and Sharthi Bridge (40 m span) on Basholi-Bani-Bhaderwah Road.

During the dedication ceremony held at Joshimath-Malari Road in Uttarakhand, Singh commended the BRO for strengthening the country’s border infrastructure. He highlighted the challenging weather conditions and inhospitable terrains in which these projects were constructed, connecting remote areas with the rest of the nation both geographically and socially.

Singh underlined the government’s shift in perspective, considering border areas as the face of India rather than treating them as the last areas of the country, as done by previous administrations. He stressed the importance of providing world-class infrastructure in these regions, emphasizing that connectivity projects are not only strategically vital but also crucial for the welfare of residents in border areas.

Singh remarked that people living near the borders are no less than soldiers, emphasizing their dual role in serving the motherland. He highlighted the deployment of troops on hill borders and the development of infrastructure in mountainous regions as measures ensuring the safety of the people and aiding the military in effectively dealing with adversaries.

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