February 18, 2024
Ladakh Leaders Threaten Hunger Strike Over Unresolved Demands from High Powered Committee
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Ladakh Leaders Threaten Hunger Strike Over Unresolved Demands from High Powered Committee

Ladakh Leaders Threaten Hunger Strike Over Unresolved Demands from High Powered Committee.image/KL

Ladakh Leaders Threaten Hunger Strike Over Unresolved Demands from High Powered Committee

Leaders in Ladakh have announced plans to escalate their protests and embark on a hunger strike if the upcoming meeting with the High Powered Committee on February 19 fails to produce favorable outcomes.

Thupstan Chewang, a former Member of Parliament, and a founding member of Leh Apex Body held a press conference in Leh, outlining their four-point agenda ahead of talks with the High Powered Committee (HPC) led by MoS Home Nitiyanand Rai. The Apex Body Leh Chairman emphasized that discussions with the central government have been ongoing for an extended period, and the recent meeting with the HPC marked the official commencement of deliberations, duly recorded.

The HPC had requested both the KDA and Apex Body to submit their demands in writing. After consultations, a draft proposal was submitted with the expectation of immediate follow-up talks. Despite assurances from the HPC that the next round of discussions would resume promptly, there were significant delays, according to the Apex Body Chairman.

Chewang highlighted that, in response to the prolonged negotiations, protests were organized across Ladakh, with support from prominent environmentalist Sonam Wangchuk. The outcome of the meeting scheduled for February 19 will determine the future course of action. If the results are positive and in favor of the people of Ladakh, the leaders will welcome the development. However, if the outcome is not favorable, they plan to strengthen protests across the region post-February 19.

Additionally, leaders have decided to form a committee to engage in discussions with the public, including youth. This committee, established by the Apex Body, has been assigned the task of preparing for a hunger strike involving Thupstan Chewang and Sonam Wangchuk in the event of a negative response from the HPC. The Chairman emphasized that further actions will be deliberated upon and shared accordingly if a positive response is received. However, if the HPC does not provide a positive response, the previously discussed strategy will be implemented.

Responding to a query, Chewang stated that in the case of a positive commitment from the HPC, there is a need for additional rounds of talks. He emphasized that the HPC still has time, and even if they can offer something through an ordinance, it would be acceptable. Any positive commitment would pave the way for further engagement in discussions, according to the Chairman.

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