February 18, 2024
Indian Army Boosts Border Surveillance with Adani's Drishti-10 Drones
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Indian Army Boosts Border Surveillance with Adani’s Drishti-10 Drones

Indian Army Boosts Border Surveillance with Adani’s Drishti-10 Drones

Indian Army Boosts Border Surveillance with Adani’s Drishti-10 Drones

The surveillance capabilities of the Indian Army along the Punjab border are poised to receive a significant enhancement with the deployment of Drishti-10 medium-altitude, long-endurance drones at a forward base in the Punjab sector. Adani Defence, an Indian firm, is set to deliver these drones to the Indian Army within the next two to three months.

Under emergency provisions, the Indian Army has placed orders for two Drishti-10 drones from Adani Defence, emphasizing the requirement that the supplied systems be more than 60 per cent indigenous and adhere to the ‘Make in India’ in Defence initiative. Military officials informed ANI that these drones will be strategically positioned in the Punjab sector to surveil a vast area, including the desert sector and areas north of Punjab.

Currently operating Heron Mark 1 and Mark 2 drones, the Indian Army has also included the Drishti-10 (or Hermes-900) drones in its recent emergency procurements. Adani Defence collaborated with the Israeli firm Elbit for technology transfer, claiming to have indigenized 70 per cent of the drones, with plans to further increase this localization.

The unveiling of these drones occurred in Hyderabad, where Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar and Director General Army Aviation Lt Gen Ajay Suri presented them earlier this week. In addition to the army, the Indian Navy has plans to position these drones in Porbandar to monitor the maritime boundary with Pakistan and the high seas. The Drishti-10 boasts a remarkable capability to fly for over 30 hours, covering a distance of approximately 2,000 km in a single mission, making it a valuable asset for surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

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