February 18, 2024
Heightened Security Measures in Jk Ahead of Republic Day
Jammu Kashmir Security

Heightened Security Measures in Jk Ahead of Republic Day

Heightened Security Measures in Jk Ahead of Republic Day.image/RK

Heightened Security Measures in Jk Ahead of Republic Day

In anticipation of Republic Day celebrations, authorities in Jammu and Kashmir have heightened security measures, deploying additional personnel along highways and crucial roadways to ensure the region’s safety. A senior police officer in Jammu shared with Rising Kashmir the comprehensive security arrangements in place, emphasizing the strategic placement of extra forces to deter potential incidents.

The surveillance on the 270-kilometer Jammu-Srinagar highway has been intensified, incorporating digital devices and CCTV cameras at key locations in Jammu city. The official underscored the meticulous tracking of movement and the installation of surveillance infrastructure to bolster security.

District-level monitoring, Road Opening Parties (ROPs), and enhanced patrolling along highways and border villages contribute to the overall security plan for the upcoming Republic Day celebrations. In Kashmir, a three-tier security arrangement, involving human intelligence and advanced technology such as high-end drones and CCTV-equipped vehicles, has been implemented.

Make-shift bunkers have been set up to manage visitors, and Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) have been instructed to maintain vigilance in their respective areas. Additional barricades have been erected at various locations in the valley to enhance security measures. In Srinagar, both the police and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) have intensified patrolling, vehicle checks, and frisking at key locations, with a new security plan devised for the entire region.

A senior traffic police officer highlighted the implementation of the Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) project of the Smart City in Srinagar. CCTV cameras are being installed at vital traffic junctions, with plans to cover 60 locations in the first phase.

Under ITMS, the system will automatically capture violations of speeding and red-light jumping, enabling traffic police to issue challans based on automatic detection through smart cameras. The project, implemented by the Srinagar Municipal Corporation, aims to enhance road safety and curb traffic violations.

In Jammu, high-tech cameras are being installed at 73 locations, with PTZ cameras already operational in 44 locations to closely monitor traffic violations. “CCTV Cameras at junctions will monitor and record all activity at intersections, helping authorities draft plans and make decisions for better use of road infrastructure. Face recognition applications support real-time video processing and track specified persons, matching suspect/criminal photographs available in the database,” he said.

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