February 18, 2024
GAIL India Share Price Summary
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GAIL India Share Price Summary

GAIL India Share Price Summary

GAIL India Share Price Summary

On the last trading day, GAIL India demonstrated the following stock performance:

  • Open Price: ₹170.35
  • Close Price: ₹168.3
  • High Price: ₹171.8
  • Low Price: ₹165.55
  • Market Cap: ₹109,442.53 crore
  • 52-Week High: ₹169.35
  • 52-Week Low: ₹91
  • BSE Volume: 1,849,599 shares

The current data for GAIL India stock indicates a price of ₹166.45, reflecting a percent change of -1.1 and a net change of -1.85. This suggests a decrease in the stock price by 1.1% and ₹1.85, respectively.

GAIL India is presently trading at a spot price of ₹166.45, with a bid price of ₹165.95 and an offer price of ₹166.15. The bid quantity is 22,875, and the offer quantity is 4,575. The stock exhibits high open interest at 137,538,225, indicating substantial investor interest.

Investors may consider these details for insights into recent trends and fluctuations in GAIL India’s stock performance.

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