February 18, 2024
CS Reviews Progress of Holistic Agriculture Development Program in UT
Jammu Kashmir

CS Reviews Progress of Holistic Agriculture Development Program in UT

CS Reviews Progress of Holistic Agriculture Development Program in UT.image/Jammu link news

CS Reviews Progress of Holistic Agriculture Development Program in UT

Chief Secretary Atal Dulloo conducted a comprehensive review today, evaluating the progress and accomplishments of all 29 projects and sub-projects under the Holistic Agriculture Development Program (HADP) in the Union Territory (UT). The assessment was facilitated through various Project Grounding & Monitoring Committees (PGMCs) led by senior UT administration officers.

Attendees at the meeting included the Principal Secretary of the Agriculture Production Department, Vice Chancellors from SKUAST K/J, MD of HADP, Deputy Commissioners, Chairmen of PGMCs, relevant Heads of Departments, bank representatives, and other officials. Outstation officers participated through video conferencing.

In his review of the program’s implementation, the Chief Secretary emphasized the need for prompt decisions on applications received via the portal. He urged a shift from focusing on tendering and other procedural aspects to concentrating on establishing production units for eligible beneficiaries. Additionally, he directed the agricultural universities to create informative videos illustrating the essential elements and processes of each agricultural activity to raise awareness among farmers.

The Chief Secretary urged Deputy Commissioners to promote program benefits, especially during Block Diwas events across panchayats attended by a significant number of farmers.

Dulloo emphasized that the projects are designed to maximize benefits for farmers, encompassing various components for agricultural sector development and significant income enhancement.

He recommended simplifying the application submission process, adhering strictly to program guidelines. Close monitoring of progress by PGMC chairpersons, in collaboration with the Deputy Commissioners, was emphasized, along with meeting program targets within the specified timeline.

Principal Secretary Shailendra Kumar provided insights into departmental achievements and parameters in implementing sub-projects. He highlighted steps taken for successful project implementation and shared key statistics from the ‘Kisan Sampark Abhiyan,’ covering over 5,10,000 farmers across 3697 panchayats in the first phase.

The meeting also addressed monitoring and evaluation measures, outreach activities, loan guideline revisions, holistic skilling, coordination between multiple agencies, impactful farm mechanization, and realistic eligibility conditions.

District-wise rankings, based on parameters like application numbers, approvals, and rejections, were discussed as a regular feature to be updated monthly. The meeting revealed that 52,693 applications had been received on the Kisan Sathi portal, with 50,662 farmers registered. Applications were distributed among agriculture, horticulture, and livestock production sectors.

The discussion encompassed project-wise monitorable indicators, challenges faced in swift implementation, and potential solutions for the program’s smooth execution in the UT.

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