February 18, 2024
Ballot Boxes Snatched in Pakistan's Karachi on Eve of Elections
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Ballot Boxes Snatched in Pakistan’s Karachi on Eve of Elections

Ballot Boxes Snatched in Pakistan’s Karachi on Eve of Elections/ARY

Ballot Boxes Snatched in Pakistan’s Karachi on Eve of Elections

Security Breach: Armed Robbery Strikes Polling Station in Karachi

In a disturbing incident, a presiding officer and election material fall victim to an armed robbery within a polling station in the Saudabad area of Karachi, as reported by ARY News, citing police sources. The armed robbers targeted the polling station set up at Pakistan Public School, snatching valuables and making off with three ballot boxes under the nose of the presiding officer. Despite the criminal act, the suspects managed to escape, raising concerns about the security and integrity of the ongoing electoral process.

Police Chief’s Directives for Enhanced Security Measures

Earlier in the day, Inspector General of Sindh Police (IGP) Riffat Mukhtar issued directives to all police officials, emphasizing high alert security and enhanced patrolling measures in anticipation of the general elections on Feb 8. During a news briefing in Karachi, the Sindh provincial police chief stressed the paramount importance of ensuring security measures at every level. Additionally, Mukhtar directed police officials to intensify their interaction with intelligence personnel to preempt any untoward incidents, signaling a proactive stance to safeguard the electoral proceedings.

Pre-Election Tensions Escalate: Ballot Boxes Snatched in Karachi

The armed robbery incident adds to the escalating tensions on the eve of the general elections, amplifying concerns about the overall security and fairness of the electoral process. The snatching of ballot boxes in Karachi further underscores the challenges faced in maintaining a secure environment for voters and officials alike. As the nation grapples with these unsettling developments, the effectiveness of security measures and law enforcement’s response will be closely scrutinized to ensure the integrity of Pakistan’s democratic exercise.

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