Arya Samaj Trust Reopens School in Srinagar, Bringing Hope to Local Education.

Arya Samaj Trust Reopens School in Srinagar, Bringing Hope to Local Education.

Arya Samaj Trust Reopens School in Srinagar, Bringing Hope to Local Education.

Rising Hope Amid Changing Dynamics

In a significant development marking a positive shift in the landscape of education in Srinagar, the Arya Samaj Trust has taken a bold step by reopening the Dayanand Arya Vidyalaya (DAV) school in the Mahargunj area after a hiatus of 33 long years. This move comes in the wake of improving ground conditions and a substantial decline in militant violence in the region. The reopening of this school symbolizes a beacon of hope for education in this sensitive downtown area of Srinagar.

A Resilient Legacy

Principal Samina Javed, a native of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, shared insights into the school’s history. Before the eruption of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir in 1990, Arya Samaj was instrumental in running several schools across the Valley. However, the turbulent times led to the closure of most of these institutions, with only two schools, DAV Rainawari and DAVP Wazirbagh, managing to stay functional.

Rekindling the Light of Learning

Reopening the DAV school after three decades, Principal Javed emphasized the school’s historical continuity by reinstating it within the same building. Currently, the school is in the midst of renovation, with approximately 35 students already enrolled up to Class 7. These students predominantly hail from underprivileged and needy families residing in the locality.

Education for All, Regardless of Means

Notably, the school has chosen to charge a nominal fee rather than adhering to the conventional DAV school fee structure. Principal Javed reiterated the institution’s commitment to providing quality education to its students, irrespective of their financial backgrounds. She stressed that their goal is to nurture well-rounded individuals who will contribute positively to society.

Local Talent Shaping the Future

The school has recruited seven local teachers who are deeply dedicated to their roles. Principal Javed expressed confidence that by delivering a high standard of education, they will not only retain their current student base but also attract more learners in the future. This promising initiative signals a resurgence in education in Srinagar and sets a strong example for the region.

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