February 18, 2024
Akshay Kumar Humble Metro Commute and Call to #ExploreIndianIslands Amidst Controversy

Akshay Kumar Humble Metro Commute and Call to #ExploreIndianIslands Amidst Controversy

Akshay Kumar Humble Metro Commute and Call to #ExploreIndianIslands Amidst Controversy.image/HT

Akshay Kumar Humble Metro Commute and Call to #ExploreIndianIslands Amidst Controversy

Akshay Kumar displayed genuine humility as he was captured using the metro for transportation in the city. A video capturing the star’s metro journey surfaced on platform X, showcasing him maintaining a low profile with a mask covering his face.

The footage, posted by a fanpage on X, captured Akshay Kumar dressed in an all-black ensemble, adopting a low-key appearance with a white mask. Engaged in conversation with producer Dinesh Vijan, Akshay calmly sat inside the metro, not causing any disruption to fellow passengers. Despite his unobtrusive demeanor, a keen-eyed fan noticed his presence.

This isn’t the first instance of Akshay Kumar opting for metro travel. In February of the previous year, he interacted with passengers while promoting his film “Selfiee” alongside co-star Emraan Hashmi. On that occasion, both stars, accompanied by their security and entourage, ventured into a newly inaugurated Mumbai Metro station. A spontaneous flash mob joined them, prompting Akshay and Emraan to rise from their seats and dance to their song “Main Khiladi.”

In a recent development, Akshay Kumar joined a slew of celebrities in endorsing Indian tourism. Responding to derogatory comments about India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to explore Indian islands made by some personalities from the Maldives, Akshay, who celebrated the New Year with his family in the Maldives, took to X to voice his opinion. Expressing surprise at the negative comments from Maldivian figures, he emphasized that India sends the maximum number of tourists to the Maldives. Advocating dignity, Akshay encouraged people to #ExploreIndianIslands and support the nation’s own tourism.

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