Weather Forecast for JK

Weather Forecast for JK
Weather Forecast for JK
Weather Forecast for JK
Weather Forecast for JK

Weather Forecast for JK

Weather Forecast for JK….image/Asif Iqbal/VOM

Weather Forecast for JK

Meteorological Centre Srinagar predicts light rain and snow at a few places over Jammu and Kashmir on Monday.

The MeT office anticipates a change in weather conditions over Jammu and Kashmir on Monday, with the possibility of light rain and snow at select locations. Expect a partially to generally cloudy sky, creating an atmospheric shift in the region.

Weather Forecast for JK:Mixed Weather on March 12

The forecast indicates that the weather will continue to be partially to generally cloudy on March 12. Additionally, there’s a likelihood of sporadic light rain and snow at various places, contributing to the dynamic atmospheric conditions.

Weather Forecast for JK:Thunderstorms and Snowfall Expected on March 13

Looking ahead to March 13, meteorologists predict a more pronounced shift, with the possibility of light to moderate rain and snow in numerous areas. Thunder and lightning, accompanied by gusty winds, are expected to add intensity to the weather conditions on this day.

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Weather Forecast for JK:Continued Variability on March 14

The MeT office suggests that the weather on March 14 will maintain its partial to general cloudiness, coupled with the potential for light rain and snow at specific locations. This ongoing variability underscores the dynamic nature of the weather in the region.

As we move forward, the forecast suggests a dry spell from March 15 to March 20, providing a respite from the precipitation that characterized the preceding days.

The recent nights have seen an improvement in night temperatures across the Kashmir Valley. Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, experienced a low of 6.3°C, registering a notable increase from the previous nights. This deviation, 3.0°C above the normal temperature, signifies a milder climate for the region.

Qazigund, situated on the Srinagar-Jammu national highway in south Kashmir, recorded a low of 4.4°C. Simultaneously, the popular tourist destination of Kokernag settled at the same temperature on Monday night.

Pahalgam, another renowned tourist spot in south Kashmir, witnessed an improvement in night temperature, recorded at 2.2°C compared to -2.5°C a day earlier. This positive shift, 3.6°C above the normal, enhances the comfort for visitors.

The ski resort of Gulmarg in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district reported a temperature of -1.0°C, displaying an improvement from the previous night. Kupwara, located in the frontier Kashmir district, had a low of 4.0°C, indicating a 2.7°C rise from the previous night. The MeT office reaffirms these temperature variations, emphasizing the climatic nuances across different regions of Jammu and Kashmir on Monday.

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