NC and Congress Collaborate to Run LAHDC Kargil

NC and Congress Collaborate to Run LAHDC Kargil
NC and Congress Collaborate to Run LAHDC Kargil
NC and Congress Collaborate to Run LAHDC Kargil
NC and Congress Collaborate to Run LAHDC Kargil

NC and Congress Collaborate to Run LAHDC Kargil

NC and Congress Collaborate to Run LAHDC Kargil

In a significant political development, the National Conference (NC) and Congress have jointly decided to formulate a Common Minimum Programme (CMP) to govern the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) Kargil. This collaboration comes as the NC secures the post of Chairman-cum-CEC for the initial two-and-a-half-year term. Dr. Mohammad Jaffer Akhoon, the chosen candidate from the NC, will be formally elected to this prestigious position in an election scheduled for tomorrow at 3 PM.

Unanimous Support for Dr. Akhoon

The National Conference conducted a meeting in Kargil, during which Feroz Khan, the outgoing Chairman-cum-CEC, proposed Dr. Akhoon’s name for the post. This proposal received unanimous approval from the party, as announced by NC district president Haji Hanifa Jan. Dr. Akhoon, who has been elected from the Thasgam Thuina constituency, will serve as the Chairman-cum-CEC for the first two and a half years, while the Congress Party will assume this role in the subsequent term.

Agenda of Alliance (AoA) Shapes the Council’s Future

The ‘Agenda of Alliance (AoA),’ jointly unveiled by senior NC and Congress leaders, outlines the formation of the Council on a 50:50 sharing basis. The first term, commencing on October 18, 2023, and concluding on April 18, 2026, belongs to the NC, while the second term’s Chairman will be from the Congress. This AoA also emphasizes the allocation of two Executive Councilors from each party and the reservation of one Executive Councilor post for principal religious minorities in the first term for the NC and in the second term for the Congress.

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A Collaborative Approach to Governance

The AoA highlights the equal sharing of departments between the Chairman and the Executive Councilors from both parties, fostering a smooth and effective Council’s operation. Furthermore, a Common Minimum Programme will be crafted after the formation of the Executive Council, outlining shared goals, priorities, and policies of the coalition for the betterment of Kargil’s residents. Both the NC and Congress are committed to creating an effective and sustainable Council that works towards the development and welfare of the people of Kargil.

The signing of the Agenda of Alliance on October 17, 2023, marked a significant step in the alliance’s journey. This coalition, which secured 22 out of the 26 seats, attributes its victory to the dedicated efforts of party workers and the support of the people of Kargil. The alliance leaders believe that this victory represents a milestone for the broader Indian political landscape, setting the tone for future national-level politics.

Senior NC leader Qamar Ali Akhoon expressed unanimous support for Dr. Akhoon’s nomination as the Chief Executive Councilor. This decision, made collectively by all Councillors, demonstrates the unity within the National Conference. Congress leader Asgar Ali Karbalai pledged the alliance’s commitment to the four-point agenda raised by the Kargil Democratic Alliance (KDA) and Leh Apex Body (LAB) for the upcoming Parliament elections.

The joint press conference featured prominent leaders from both parties, including Qamar Ali Akhoon, Asgar Ali Karbalai, Haji Hanifa Jan, Nasir Munshi, Feroz Khan, newly-elected Councillors, and various other NC and Congress members. In another notable development, the newly-elected Councillors of the 5th General LAHDC took their oaths at the Syed Mehdi Auditorium Hall in Kargil.

Despite the upcoming election for the post of Chairman-cum-CEC, it seems like a mere formality, given the majority enjoyed by the National Conference and Congress in the Council. With the BJP’s limited representation, it is unlikely to contest this post. The political landscape in Kargil continues to evolve, and the collaborative efforts of the NC and Congress are set to shape the region’s future.

In the realm of LAHDC Kargil politics, the National Conference boasts 12 members, while Congress has 10. The BJP has only two representatives, and there are two Independents. Additionally, four Councillors will be nominated by the Union Territory Administration of Ladakh, which will increase the BJP’s representation to six, still far from the required majority of 16.

The previous Council composition consisted of the National Conference as the single largest party with 10 seats, followed by Congress with eight, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) with two, BJP with one, and five Independent Councillors. Subsequently, the two PDP Councillors joined the BJP, and with four nominated Councillors also affiliating with the BJP, its strength rose to seven.

Feroz Khan, a senior NC leader re-elected as Councillor from Silmoo, served as the Council Chairman-cum-CEC for a full term of five years, initially with the support of Congress and later with the assistance of Independents. Before the election process began, the National Conference and Congress joined forces in a post-poll alliance, aiming to keep the BJP away from power despite their contesting against each other in most seats during the LAHDC Kargil elections.

In conclusion, the collaborative spirit between the National Conference and Congress in LAHDC Kargil promises a new era of governance, focusing on the welfare and development of the region. Their shared vision, outlined in the Agenda of Alliance, represents a turning point in regional politics and a united front against the BJP’s influence.

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