December 10, 2023
India’s Domestic Air Traffic Hits Record Highs
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India’s Domestic Air Traffic Hits Record Highs

India's Domestic Air Traffic Hits Record Highs

India’s Domestic Air Traffic Hits Record Highs

India’s Domestic Air Traffic Hits Record Highs

India’s domestic air traffic reached unprecedented levels over the weekend, with airlines carrying a record number of passengers on consecutive days. According to official data, 4,56,910 passengers were flown on Sunday, surpassing Saturday’s record of 4,56,748 passengers. This surge in air travel marks a significant post-Covid recovery for India’s domestic aviation sector.

A Turnaround Story in Indian Aviation

The Civil Aviation Ministry attributed this remarkable turnaround to a combination of positive attitude, progressive policies, and deep trust among passengers. The ministry’s post on Monday highlighted that these factors are driving the industry to new heights every day.

Historic Air Traffic and Flight Movements

Sunday witnessed not only a record number of passengers but also a high number of flight movements, totaling 5,958. This figure is a substantial increase from the 3,93,391 passengers and 5,506 flight movements recorded on the same day last year.

Civil Aviation Minister’s Optimistic Outlook

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, reflecting on the achievement, expressed optimism about India’s potential in the global aviation market. He acknowledged the historic numbers as a collective achievement for the people of India and

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