February 18, 2024
Gurez Medical-Block Faces Healthcare Crisis Amidst Severe Staff Shortages
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Gurez Medical-Block Faces Healthcare Crisis Amidst Severe Staff Shortages

Gurez Medical-Block Faces Healthcare Crisis Amidst Severe Staff Shortages.image/KL

Gurez Medical-Block Faces Healthcare Crisis Amidst Severe Staff Shortages

A shortage of staff is causing difficulties for patients in the Gurez Medical Block of Bandipora district, according to information obtained through a Right to Information (RTI) application filed by MM Shuja.

Several hospitals in the region, including CHC Dawar Gurez, PHC Sheikpora Tulial, PHC Badugam, NTPHC Bagtoor, NTPHC Barnal, NTPHC Gujran, and MAC Badwan Gurez, are currently grappling with staff shortages.

At CHC Dawar, there are vacant positions for two head pharmacists, one head X-ray technician, one senior X-ray technician, one junior X-ray technician, one head lab technician, one supervisory lab technician, one senior lab technician, one junior lab technician, one head dental technician, one senior ophthalmic technician, one junior ophthalmic technician, one junior physiotherapist, one junior theatre technician, seven junior-grade nurses, one sanitary inspector, and one chauffeur.

PHC Sheikpora has vacant positions for a supervisory pharmacist and a junior assistant, while PHC Badugam has vacancies for a community health officer, supervisory pharmacist, health educator, and junior assistant. The NPHCs of Bagtoor, Barnal, Gujran, and MAC Badwan have vacancies for senior pharmacists.

Furthermore, there are vacant positions for a consultant gynecologist, consultant physician, and consultant pediatrician. PHC Sheikpora and PHC Badugam have open positions for a dental surgeon, and NTPHC Bagtoor, NTPHC Gujran, NTPHC Kilshey, NTPHC Wanpora, and NTPHC Kamzalwan each have a vacant medical officer position.

Locals are expressing concern about the lack of basic healthcare facilities and the shortage of specialist doctors in remote areas, contributing to a significant healthcare crisis in the region.

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