February 18, 2024
Canada Imposes Cap on Student Visas, Affecting Indian Students
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Canada Imposes Cap on Student Visas, Affecting Indian Students

Canada Imposes Cap on Student Visas, Affecting Indian Students/X@MarcVillerVM

Canada Imposes Cap on Student Visas, Affecting Indian Students

In a move to address housing concerns and target institutional misconduct, Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, announced a cap on the number of student visas for the next two years.

The federal government aims to approve 360,000 undergraduate study permits in 2024, marking a 35% reduction from 2023.

This decision will significantly impact Indian students, who constitute the largest group of international students in Canada, receiving over 41% of permits in 2022.

Provinces and territories will now receive a portion of the total permits based on population, leading to more significant decreases in regions with unsustainable growth in the international student population..

Each region will determine how permits are distributed across universities and colleges. The cap will be in effect for two years, with a reassessment in 2025.

Addressing concerns about certain private institutions exploiting international students, Miller emphasized the need to prevent under-resourced campuses, lack of student support, high tuition fees, and a substantial increase in the intake of international students.

In addition to the cap, the federal government will require international students to provide an attestation letter from a province or territory when applying for a permit.

Changes to the post-graduation work permit program were also announced, affecting students in programs under a curriculum licensing arrangement and introducing new eligibility criteria for post-graduation work permits.

These measures aim to ensure the quality of education and support for international students arriving in Canada.

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