February 18, 2024
Contractual Teachers Demand Regularisation in Ludhiana
Punjab Protests

Contractual Teachers Demand Regularisation in Ludhiana

Contractual Teachers Demand Regularisation in Ludhiana/ANI

Contractual Teachers Demand Regularisation in Ludhiana

A group of contractual teachers in Ludhiana, Punjab, took to a novel form of protest by climbing atop a water tank in Jawahar Nagar. The teachers, numbering 103 and led by Harvinder Singh Balaga, State President of the B.Ed Teachers’ Union, demanded the regularisation of their services after completing a decade of teaching.

Plight of Monthly Rs 6,000 Salary

One of the key issues raised by the protestors is the meager monthly salary they receive, a mere Rs 6,000. Expressing their discontent, they emphasized the challenges they face with such a low income, urging the government to address their concerns promptly.

The protest attracted attention from local police and administration officials who arrived at the scene to engage with the demonstrators. “The protestors have some demands from the government. Personnel have been deployed here to maintain safety and security. Talks will be held, and decisions will be made,” stated Sameer Verma, ADCP.

Refusal to Back Down: A Call to CM Bhagwant Mann

Despite efforts from officials, the protestors remained steadfast, refusing to end their demonstration until their demands were met. Their ultimate goal is to secure a meeting with Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann to discuss the possibility of permanent employment for contractual teachers.

The teachers expressed their frustration over the lack of action by the administration despite ongoing efforts to bring attention to their concerns. “We have been raising this issue, but no steps have been taken by the administration so far. The salary is just Rs 6,000 per month. We want to meet with the Chief Minister on this matter. We will continue our protest until our demands are not met,” they insisted.

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