Power Restoration In Chenab Valley | Fiasco Continues , Aakhir Kya ha 33kv Ka Raaz

Power Restoration In Chenab Valley : Snowfall Or RainDrops In Chenab Valley Leads To Power Outage , And Its Restoration take several days due to worst functining Of PDD


DODA: As the Snowfall became an villain for the PDD Consumers in Chenab Valley of Jammu & kashmir. Likewise Other parts of Union Territory of Jammu & kashmir , chenab Valley also faces the same issue of power disruption from last couple of days. A catalog become famous on social media ,”Akhir Kya ha 33kv Ka Raaz” which in itself is an answer to all.During the summer even a drop of rainfall not even reach the surface the hide and seek of electricity rounds in action.From last three four days when chenab valley & mountainous areas of jammu kashmir recieved 3 to 4 feet of snowfall on an average on the one hand puts cage of darkness in valley.

Akhir kya Ha Raaz
If 33kv Line Even Gets Under A Fault and first of all the fault tracing takes several hours and if traced , restoration take days thats reflects the carelessness of department also. In cities , there is little bit monitering also power lines are though repaired within frame of time but Question Arises what would be the fate of power & Poles and transmission lines where power poles are even not concreted under solidifer and wires are hanging on trees , tied up with wooden logs called desi Pole which reflects no ministering and accountability.

Who Is Responsible ?

If survey would be conducted about the condition of power wires and poles particularly in Villages and far flung areas you will surely see the embeddment of wooden poles with wires .Everywhere same condition is witnessed.The electricity bills risen its bag upto 373 for even a normal user/consumer won’t bother if power is on time with continous within highheld but nowhere it is seen hide & seek continues its uproar

One Drop Of Rainfall Or Snowflake Is Enough For Making Bijli Gul In Marmat

Perspective of Tehsil Marmat

This is common that when snowfall occurs , lines get damaged as when 3 to feet
Of snowfall accumulates turns everything under its berth but thats all a Natural Process and also the areas recieving variation of Snowfall or Rainfall.Social Media is Flooded with comments , pictures where we see wooden poles , wires tied to trees and poles are never cemented under concrete which reflects its fate.

Though PDD has not enough manpower in Tehsil Marmat , but people themselves repaired the damaged lines which shows manpower is also a question mark.
Marmat block of Doda has 14 panchayats some nearby Tehsil Headquarter Goha Marmat and others in hilly reaches likes Panchayt Sarak , Panchayat Mangota , Behota , Kungai , Roat etc.Where no employee of PDD seems working to repair lines the local themselves repair the lines risking their lives

Marmat once upon a time got reeled under cover of darkness when the power from Pull Doda but when after A Recieving Station was sanctioned for Marmat the People of Marmat were having high hopes of continuous power supply.At Present , 3.15Mva Grid Transformer is Embedded at Recieving station Goha which feeds 3 feeders upto Hambal/kalhota of Marmat Galiyan.As the consumer ratio day by day is increasing many of social activist Demanded admin to install/encrypt/embedd 10MVA Grid Transformer which can easily handle the load of consumers also as present 3.15MVA Transformer is not able to handle the load of feeders but District Admin seems not unmoved or seeing with Nelson Eye towards ignored Area.

The general masses of the area has appealed District Administration To intervene perosnally and direct concerned Department to install atleast 6.15MVA To 10.15MVA so that continous and undisrupted power supply would be made possible.

Electricity Restoration In Marmat : A Wave Of Happiness Among Masses : Tireless Work Of PDD Temporary Employees Made Electricity Restoration Possible In Marmat.Public Thanked JE PDD Imran Kanwal & Employees For This HardToil

Perspective of Bhaderwah

It is very unfortunate that Additional District Bhaderwah is in Dark from last 3 days.The 33kv fault is continue.From Doda To Bhaderwah 33kv line is on Trees,wooden poles and Electric Poles. Also we don’t have even a Grid station.We the people of Bhaderwah Request Minister Of Power, LG J&K and advisor to Governor J&K please section tower transmission line for Bhaderwah and a Grid station. In this regard , Advocate Majid Malik who is a resident of Bhaderwah and is spearheading district Status Movement For Bhaderwah also met with DC Doda , submitted Memorandum related to demands mentioned as , a tower line from Pull Doda To Bhaderwah and sanctioning a Grid To Bhaderwah and has also appealed Union Ministers to Intervene.

Weather Update For Jammu & Kashmir : Wastern Disturbance is likely to effect Jammu and Kashmir from(tonight/tomorrow morning) – 9 Jan(morning)

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